Trey Johnson scores winning basket for the other team!

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Trey Johnson scores winning basket for the other team!

This is local news, and two high school teams, but it's so outrageous I just had to share it with you guys. Also Millwood is typically a top dog here in football and basketball, while Hugo is a very small nearly unheard of city, this 'should' have been a massive upset.


YUKON — Hugo guard Trey Johnson bolted away from his defender, securing the ball with enough space to securely run out the final 2.9 seconds.

The Buffaloes led perennial state power Millwood 37-36 in the closing moments of Thursday night's Class 3A state quarterfinals. All they needed was an accurate inbounds pass to complete the wild upset. And they got it.

But what happened next, in one stunning moment filled with jubilation and arena-wide disbelief, flipped the end result on its head, leading to a 38-37 Millwood win and heartbreaking Hugo defeat.

Johnson received the inbounds pass heading toward his own hoop, needing only an innocent dribble or two to close it out. But instead, in a moment of confusion (as his coach would explain it), Johnson lofted a layup toward his own basket, thinking he was going the other way.

“When I saw the kid going that way, I was like, ‘No, he's not. No, he's not ... Oh, yes he is,'” Millwood assistant coach David Samilton recalled. "I couldn't believe it.”
As the buzzer went off, Johnson's layup fell through. And for a brief moment, the entire arena fell silent.

Hugo's raucous crowd went still. Millwood's previously disheartened group of fans took a moment for reassurance, before breaking out in a wild celebration fit for this unlikely of an escape job.

“That was truly a miracle,” Samilton would say.

But on the other end of the emotional spectrum lay Johnson and his heartbroken teammates, brought to tears by an unfortunate mistake.

“Without a doubt, that's the toughest locker room I've ever had to talk to,” Hugo coach Darnell Shanklin said.

Johnson, in particular, was tough to console. The junior had played energized and effective for more than 31 minutes, helping key an impressive defensive effort.
But that final play, two of the four points he was credited with on the night, is the one that will stick through a tough offseason.

“He gives you 100 percent all the time,” Shanklin said. “Heart goes out to the kid because he feels bad. He feels really, really bad.”

With the loss, Hugo finishes the season at 21-7. Millwood (16-9), meanwhile, hopes to ride this momentous luck into Friday's semifinal game against two-time defending state champ Centennial. Tip is at 9 p.m. at State Fair Arena.

“I feel sorry for him,” Samilton said. “Just like Chris Webber, when he called the timeout. I really do feel sorry for him. But hey, I'll take it.”

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Great Post! so unfortunate for this kid... But this has to be the craziest basketball moment I've ever heard of.

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...i mean thats sad but

...i mean thats sad but wow..his brain couldn't have locked up at a worse time

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Heartbreaking loss but also

Heartbreaking loss but also it would seem like a hollow victory as well. What in world was he thinking!?!?

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I don't know, I heard it on

I don't know, I heard it on the news and couldn't believe it. I feel really sad for the kid, he's going to have a rough time at school after this, kids can be cruel. But this is probably something that he will unfortunately remember his whole life.

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The exact same thing happened

The exact same thing happened when I was in 5th grade, when my brother was playing up at North State. His team wasn't playing, but a guy on one of the other teams did the same exact thing. We all were shocked

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This actually happened to me

This actually happened to me in a 14 under league. I took the inbound pass at halfcourt and broke towards my own basket and layed it up. It was one of the most embarrassing moment of my childhood. The only thing was that my team was winning by 28 points, and I was there best player, so my friends played it off for me saying that's cool we were beating them so bad they needed the help to score.

I couldn't imagine winning the other team the game by doing it.

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Ouch! But great post


But great post anyway.

I read that Shawn Marion scored his first NBA field goal on his own basket. The legend sais right after tipoff he got the ball and went for the basket as fast as he could - unfortunetly the wrong one. Don't know if that is true and I never found an article or video of it.

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