Trey Burke: Message for the haters

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Trey Burke: Message for the haters

put up 21 points and 8 assist in Friday's win for Michigan and felt he had to let it be known...

-tweeted yesterday-

Trey_Burke3: "All the haters will be silenced! Trust Me!"

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Uhhhh Trey Burke is really

Uhhhh Trey Burke is really good but they went against Slippery Rock lol just chill

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Slippery Rock sounds like a

Slippery Rock sounds like a Native American medicine man

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SMH at people who still talk

SMH at people who still talk that "hater" talk.

Sounds like he's just looking for a chip or motivation. Nobody's "hating" on Michigan.

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Hater talk and us against the

Hater talk and us against the world talk is getting old. everyone says those, yet nobody in the media really hates, except Lebron for 1 year, then last year they were over it and appriciated his greatness, but that is not the point. Like the Giants in the super bowl last year, nobody said they wouldnt make it, people just had opinions that other teams might be better, but nobody hated them specifically or rooted against them. I have seen haters of trey burke, half of the people in the media barely know who he is, he is nice player and will probably play in the NBA, but nobody out there activly wants to see him fail.

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He does have a chip though,

He is from Columbus and played for the same AAU team as 4 Ohio State players last season, including Craft and Sullinger. Sully is in the League and Weatherspoon and Sibert transfered a couple months ago, leaving Craft from All Ohio Red AAU. Him and Sullinger were like best friends growing up. Thad Matta prefered McDonald's All American Shannon Scott over Burke from last years recruiting class. So as a Columbus native and blue chip recruit, he went to the University of Michigan. He said before in a interview that he were UM gear everywhere he went down there as a statement. That will always leave him with a chip on his shoulder.

Then he was mocked for contemplating turning pro last year. On this site alone he got clowned for even considering it, despite the weakest point guard class in recent years.

As a recruit most people thought he lacked true point guard skills and ball handling. I fall in that catagory of people who liked him but thought he would be a okay combo guard with a great shot. Turns out his handles are much improved and he has proven he can run a major program in the Big Ten (last years best college conference). Having a true shooting guard like Hardaway Jr next to him helped him rely on his point guard skills and be more than a shooter. For some reason last year his shot was inconsistant but he is no doubt a knock down shooter. If that part of his game is back where it was then he will make even more noise this year.

People have been picking his game apart in recruiting, highschool and AAU circuits for years. For most he was a big suprise last year, but thats because not a lot of people saw it coming, proving him right about his haters.

Besides it was a Tweet, anyone on twitter with run across people who dislike you no matter who you are. If Mother Theresa had Twitter she would have haters. So I dont blame him.

I do wish someone who is doing good would say "People always encouraged me to keep working hard and told me I could make it as long as I applied myself". That would be really refreshing.

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Preseason Trey had a message for

Preseason Trey had a message for the Haters... and all his ""Fans"" (sarcasm) saying he will be a late first round pick and nothing more.
Burke got the message thru: All Haters have been silenced!

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