Trey Burke & Alex Len

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Trey Burke & Alex Len

Should New Orleans pick Trey Burke & Alex Len???

The case for Trey Burke is improve win, pretty good leader, and he can run a team. Burke can be good point guard in this league I think he could be another key piece change franchise around on offensive set up plays make on right decision and good playmaker don't get wrong Greivis Vasquez did get good job this year to me I think he fit better next to Austin Rivers. He can be some impact in defense too.

The case for Alex Len is that him & AD can be the force to be wreck with on defense and offense too. Len can be major fact on offense especially post game if he develop right another he's has pretty good face up game too so hopeful more touches he could be beast well defensively Len got alot work to do on other end of the court long as he can be average shot blocker & stay out of foul trouble I think Him and Davis could cause problems.

But I have to pick I will Burke he can good piece for the team, bring good leadership, another playmaker and can make New Orleans a playoff team near future.

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The Pelicans would draft

The Pelicans would draft Austin Rivers a SHOOTINGGUARD, call him a pointguard all year, wait until he gets hurt and then they would draft an actual point guard and give up on the experiment known as Austin Rivers. Seriously though, what are they going to do with Rivers if they do draft Burke? Make him a 6th man? Maybe a 2 guard off the bench? They already have Gordon who starts at the 2 so idk where he will play.

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Maybe, just maybe, Rivers

Maybe, just maybe, Rivers hasn't shown enough that the team is going to actively avoid acquiring talented guards.

Rivers doesn't need to be gifted playing time. Even though the Hornets used a lottery pick on him doesn't mean they are going to just irrationally assume that he will be the best starter available.

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I'd be happy with either

I say Alex Len cause Grevis is a pretty good point guard who was third in assist this year. Plus just image AD & Len down low about five years from now we could be a contender every year.

But what about this trade Eric Gordan, Robin Lopez to Phoneix for their pick Jared Dudley and Micheal Beasley and draft both
PG Burke/Vasquez
SG Rivers/Dudley
SF Beasley/Aminu
PF Davis/Anderson
C Len/Smith

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Since it says Burke and Len, the answer is, who are they buying

a pick from. The second answer is, Monty Williams already said he doesn't want another guard. They have Vasquez, Gordon, Rivers, Darius Miller, and no front court.

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Can you show me the quote

Can you show me the quote where he said he doesn't want another guard? The only two players the team has worked out are Burke and MCW. I also wouldn't say Davis, Anderson, Smith, Lopez is "no front court".

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Davis is still needs to add

Davis is still needs to add strength. Anderson is a stretch 4, not much of a defensive anchor. Lopez... sucks. Smith... smith who? Lol

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Austin Rivers was coming into

Austin Rivers was coming into his own at the 2 before his wrist injury that sidelined him for the year. I think my Pels take Burke in hopes that Austin continues to develop as a solid 2 guard. so that they can ship the injury prone Gordon out of town.

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