Trevor Mbakwe NBA draft

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Trevor Mbakwe NBA draft

they have him going 44 i believe on here. Does anybody else think he can go a little higher?

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Seems about right, he's known

Seems about right, he's known commodity who could contribute for a team right away but his ceiling wouldnt be perceived to much higher than it currently is.

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Early Second

I agree with you. I think Mbakwe goes in the early second. The guy is a horse on the boards, solid interior defender, but has an offensive game that is limited to short range jumpers and dunks. I can see him making a roster and coming in off the bench to play defense and board. A true "tough guy".

Mbakwe doesn't need to have his number called to be effective. He will get his points on putbacks, loose balls, and drop offs.

Mbakwe is working his way back from a 2012 knee injury, and doesn't yet have all of the pre-injury explosion. Being over-aged is going to work against him as well.

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The fact that he's 24 could

The fact that he's 24 could hurt his stock but I agree early to mid second round would be fitting since every team needs a hard-hat guy like Mbakwe.

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He will definitely stick in

He will definitely stick in the NBA. He should be able to be a 2nd big man off the bench who rebounds and plays defense for 10 or 15 minutes a game, like reggie evans. The fact he was able to come back form 2 major injuries shows he has high character. Also if you get a guy who plays 2 or 3 years for you in the second round you are happy.

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