Trash Talk and Handcheking

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Trash Talk and Handcheking

The good old 80's and 90's when loquacious players such as Payton or Miller would talk smack for 48 minutes a game, often resulting with the opposing players elevating/lowering their performance. Albeit nowadays, the strict management of the officials severely dejects that aspect of the game which often could change an L to a W. I really wish that they would allow more trash talk in the NBA because I believe the gae becomes more aggressive with less passivity present. I also think that handcheking should be allowed a resurgense into the NBA because players can stop all the flopping business and only get free throws when they really deserve them; watching MJ play against the Pistons really shows a lot of communion between the Pistons teammates and exptreme passion from MJ. There are surely benefits from the elimination of Trash Talk and Handchecking: less foul language can be heard or read by children watching the games, players are less emotional, point guards can dominate more, and many more reasons. I still stand by the fact that I think it should be reintroduced to the NBA as it has more pro's than con's.

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As much as I agree with you,

As much as I agree with you, I doubt handchecking will ever come back. The rule was implemented to protect the jumpshooter which allows floor spacing and to make the game faster.

There's still trash talk, however. Lance Stephenson is living proof.

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If Handchecking is allowed then

you'll have to switch back to isolation basketball... All these PG's wouldn't be able to get to the hole if you implement hand checking again...

I think they should allow tempers towards other players... Pointing fingers, stare downs and such... Add some emotion to the game without calling techs...

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The Game was so much

The Game was so much different. I was watching the 1992 All Star game the other night, They played very physical. There were plays made by Magic, Drexler , Hakeem ect, that players today could never pull off.

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