Trash Talk

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Trash Talk

Trash talk is a huge part of basketball on any level. Whether its playing outside with friends or in the Nba finals. Some people love it/some people hate it. How do yall on this forum feel about it? Me personally i love trash talk. It gets my hype. Im a damn good trash talker myself so it doesnt take much for me to get under the other persons skin. What is more fun for me is when somebody decides to talk back to me. It raises my game to a new level. U see Austin Rivers destroying people and talking as well as u see KG cussing at everyone in the arena and even himself at the free throw line. I always wonder why people hate trash talk. The only good reason i xould think of is that they probably have nuthing good to say. but seriously whats up talk to me how do u view trash talk.

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My fav approach is let your play do the talking ala blake griffin among others. but i love me some trash talk in pick up games

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Personally love trash

Personally love trash talking, you psyche yourself up and can psyche another player out of his game, of course you need to be able to play to back up your trash talking but mentally it really can effect the person.

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its fine as long as u can back it up

always been part of the game jordan and bird are said to have talked so much shut to people guys would wanna punch them in their faces as long as the talking is backed up i love it if u mouthing and u dont even deserve to be on the court get the f out of here wiht the mouth

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I think it's fine on the

I think it's fine on the court, it's a mental thing. If it goes off the court it's not too cool. I believe I remember hearing Gary Payton was the biggest trash talker of all time(voted by NBA players).

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Michael Jordan was rumoured

Michael Jordan was rumoured to have told the defenders in front of him exactly what he would do when he had the ball in his hand and dare them to try and stop him which most times they could not do. Almost like a battertelling the pitcher where he would hit him to in the ballpark!

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Love it. always been a part

Love it. always been a part of my game and part of the DC/MD basketball scene

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