Transition to later in career

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Transition to later in career

In the NBA sometimes as players age and there careers progress(get slower, dont jump as high, but get a better understanding of the game/better bball IQ) a position change is in order in order to preserve there career or because of injuries i.e. scottie pippen playing point guard in portland later in career. Me and my bro were debating who are some players you see making a position change as they age. One prime example is Lebron do you see him moving to power forward or maybe a big point guard? dwight howard is another example, maybe with some polish and as he looses some hops playing pf ? who are some others? what do you guys think?

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Kevin Durant - when he learns

Kevin Durant - when he learns to post up, I expect him to become a PF in the future. Already has the height.

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Lebron will probably play

Lebron will probably play more and more powerforward as well. He is already 265 with 5% body fat. He will probably continue to gain weight during his career. If he sticks in the league a long time, like another 10 years, he could be playing at 285 maybe even close to 300.

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I like the Kevin Durant Power

I like the Kevin Durant Power Foward pick, but really really late in his career, meaning Grant Hill age, 39-41, than I think he would be best suited playing as a Shooting guard on offense at least. I know that he won't be able to defend the 2, which is why I would match him up against a 4 on the other team, but as long as he has the Jumpshot going for him, he will always be an offensive threat.

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Not really position change

Not really position change but a lot of players lose the ability to play above the rim and become more crafty and rely less on athletics and more on IQ. Another major difference for players as they develop is their range. The athletic players who fail to extend their shot usually dont make it later in their career. A great way to extend your career is to build a strong reputation as on ball defender and 3 pt shooter. Eric Gordon will probably become the PG for the Clippers in the future as his height isn't ideal on the wing. Billups should take him under his wing and show him a few tricks of the trade.

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Well Tracy Mcgrady came from

Well Tracy Mcgrady came from purely an Athletic Small Forward early in his career to a Shooting Guard in his prime, last season in detroit and a little in New york he started and played the Point guard position. Showing his versatility and court awareness and great passing ability.

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