Trading Machine: Three way trade Cleveland-New York-Portland

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Not a bad trade for

Not a bad trade for Portland,

Dont think New York would do it, They have no other backup point guard on their roster and they have enough shooting guards that Parker wouldnt see much time.

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no thanks anthony parker

no thanks anthony parker sucks, that whole team is going to get exposed this year.

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Thank you!

Thank you for making a trade that does not have a superstar in it!!! This is a trade that is pretty good for everyone invalved!

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Good for Cleveland and

Good for Cleveland and Portland, not sure if NY would do it. Parker would give them a veteran sg, but Douglas is a good back-up pg who could develop into a starter, and he probably also will play along side Felton at times next year.

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About the trade

It's not perfect and it's not about stars, I know. Yet I think it would fill needs in all the teams involved: NY gets a shooter, Portland a PF and a backup PG, Cleveland a SG that's not filling the hole left by LBJ, but at least is cheap.

New York is a loser, in a trade like that. But, after all, almost every trade have winners and losers. And at least NY would get a good shooter, something that's valuable in a D'Antoni system.

Obviously, it's just for fun....

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