Trading garbarge for compost

It really bothers me that we have turk on our team. In my opinion I would trade him any chance I get. I thought about NOLA financial issues and I think this trade would solve some of the Raptors problems and give a breather to the NOLA.

I would trade Weems , Turk and the 13th pick for Collison, Okafor and the 11th pick. It works financially for both team and saves approximately 3 millions from NOLA salary cap. I also think that this trade fixes our defense problem in the paint and it gives us fresh legs for the future.

The I would trade Calderon to the Lakers for a sign and trade of Farmar and Brown. The Lakers would have the point guard they wanted and they would get something back for Famar and Brown who are UFA. Calderon gets to play with is spanish friend and we get an backcourt tandem that won a championship.

Finally, I would trade Jack to Utah for their 9th pick.

Imagine the Raps roster:

Okafor, Johnson (resign)
Bargs, Ebanks 11th pick
Derozan, George 9th pick
Brown, Bellineli

What are your input on these trades?!

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Stop Him Now

Good until you said trade Jack to Utah for the ninth that will never happen but some of the other deals may work

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