This trade will make OKC a contender

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The thunder are already

The thunder are already contenders

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Not with Westbrick.

Not with Westbrick

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Ummmmm... If I'm the Bobcats


If I'm the Bobcats I'd start laughing hysterically and hang up the phone immediately.

Also, enough with the Westbrook hate. Not the biggest fan of his style of play but he can make a bad play one time down, but grab an offensive board next possession and redeem himself. You just have to live with some of the bad shots.

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What about Ricky Rubio and

What about Ricky Rubio and Pekovic for Westbrook?

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I think that could be a great

I think that could be a great idea OKC could toss in Porkins but Timberland would have to toss in a bit more to sweeten the deal. That would keep K Love there and werent they UCLA buddies?

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cannot run a set offense. his style of play is what I see down at the gym every night. its BS and stupid shots. He also refused to pass to Reggie Jackson. He also takes a ton of bad shots. Who cares if he makes up for it the next play. He should have made the first play. Thats like saying yes kicks the door but he always buys a new one.

If you don't realize down teh stretch that a 19 footer out of sync is a bad shot and that you can find a better shot for the game's best shooter, then you're an idiot and you are costing your team down the stretch.

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That's a bad trade for the

That's a bad trade for the Cats. Without Kemba and Jefferson, that Charlotte team has no body. To just throw Westbrook in there without them would make them a bottom-feeder again.

You're right that the Thunder need a post scorer, but they don't need a star like Jefferson necessarily. They would benefit with someone less expensive.

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typically when one team gets

typically when one team gets 13 wins out of the trade and the other loses 17, its a bad trade idea

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The Bobcats don't want to gut

The Bobcats don't want to gut the heart out of their team. Kemba and Big Al are the leaders on this team, get rid of them for a shooting prone lead guard, you would completely destroy the chemistry there. I don't think that having Westbrook is equivalent to having an above average point in Kemba and one of the only legit post scorers in the game. Westbrook is a star, no doubt about it, but I think the Bobcats would still be in about the same position record wise other way with this trade, maybe even worse since he would have to carry a huge load of their offense, I mean who is the second option after him if this trade goes down? Gerald Henderson is the only other capable scorer, then you have guys like Bismack Biyombo, MKG, Brendan Haywood, Chris Douglas Roberts, Josh McRoberts, none of which would be starting on a good team out there. Bobcats would say no.

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Diff Trade Partner

While I agree with most peoples assesments that Westbrook cannot run an offense very well, i certainly dont subscribe to the notion that the guy could not be a primary scorer and playmaker on a team. my suggestion would be to work out a trade with the Celtics that would send Westbrook to Boston for a package including Rajon Rondo. i dont understand the salary cap nor do i perfectly understand the CBA so i dont want to propose a specific trade i just think a swap of those players makes sense for both franchises. Rondo would be given an offense with the best scorer our league has seen in 15 years in Durant to run, while Westbrook would be given a decent young core to take the reigns of and not be questioned as the go to guy. Both players are young enough to make a lasting impact on their new franchises. Rondo deserves to be on a contender and not in a rebuilding phase, and Westbrook deserves to be the go to guy for a team and not take any heat for it, seems like a win win...

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Rondo is better than Westbrook as a PG

The C's would stunt the growth of KO who has unreal numbers percentage wise when Rondo is on the floor. Westbrook would take away from the other players. OKC would need to give up more than him for Rondo.

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