Trade Thought Celtics+Thunder

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Trade Thought Celtics+Thunder

How about Boston trading the 22nd pick straight up for Kendrick Perkins?

For Boston if they plan on retaining Garnett and Bass that rules them out of any big time free agent signing, so since they have the cap room to do this why not take back Perkins. It's been rumored that the Celts are unlikely to use both first rounders so why not get Perkins back home and resign KG, Bass, and maybe Ray Allen to make one more run at the title. For OKC they shed Perkins contract without having to take back any contract which allows them the flexibility to possibly retain both Ibaka and Harden. Also the 22nd pick gives them two first rounders, either they can try to use both picks to parlay a trade for a post big man, or they use that pick on an Andrew Nicholson and use their other first rounder for an international player.

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WOW! THATS A .... NOOO!!!!!!!

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This would be overreacting by

This would be overreacting by the Thunder. Why wouldn't they just do a trade like that next year? They should be saving their cap space for Harden and Ibaka's extensions, so cash savings are only necessary in a year.

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So the Celtics traded away

So the Celtics traded away Perkins because they didn't want to pay him even though they were in contention, but now that they are re-building they'll give up a first round pick to get his overpaid self back in Boston? And The Thunder can contend again next year so they won't be giving up Perkins. So in my opinion it doesn't make sense for either team.

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Did you not just watch the

Did you not just watch the NBA Finals in which Kendrick Perkins contributed absolutely nothing??

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Looking back on the Perkins trade, I think it was a smart idea by Boston. At the time they were playing a lot of 3 on 5, especially when Rondo refused to shoot. Even though Green sat out last year, that was something that no one expected to come up. He would have likely made a nice difference, especially after having more time to play and adjust plus it would have given them some depth.

With that said, I always thought Perkins was overrated. I thought it was pretty obvious that Collison was outplaying him. If Perkins is not going against Dwight Howard or any player that posts and gets a decent amount of offensive possessions, then he is useless. He doesn't score, he doesn't rebound, he doesn't block shots. If I'm OKC I would consider trading Perkins if it got me some cap relief. Not sure that will happen, but maybe someone bites based on his reputation. Surely, Cole is ready to step up and play more minutes or you could find at veteran stopgap for cheap.

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Perkins' value is limited

Perkins' value is limited somewhat in the Western Conference, because you don't really need him to deal with Dwight, and he contributes little against Miami (the likely representative from the East for the foreseeable future).

That said, Bynum is making strides in terms of being an offensive weapon, Cousins has the potential to be a handful on the low-block too, and Perkins is well equipped to guard both of them.

If you want to factor in Pekovic (gross overreaction, but showed he can bully in the paint), Kaman, Al Jefferson and Gasol as guys who need to be contained also, Perkins is worth more than a 21st overall pick.

He seemed out of shape this season, hopefully he can come back stronger and fitter, and provide a bit more energy on the boards.

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