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Trade Thought

With the Bucks saying Brandon Jennings is available I got to thinking, could the Raptors trade for him?

Everyone knows Toronto wants a PG who is athletic and breaks down the defense whenever he wants. Jennings fits that role pretty well I would say. In addition he is good friends with DeRozan and they are usually money when they play together.

My biggest problem here is that I dont know what the raptors would have to trade to get him.

Bayless, the 5th pick, and Bargnani maybe? For Jennings and a filler TBD. Im not really sure if Toronto has what the Bucks want.

Any thoughts on if this trade is possible ( Toronto and Milwaukee not what I put above, thats just a random example.) In addition, if acquiring Jennings would even be a good idea for the Raptors.

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Raptors are giving way too much

you overrate jennings. But I like the concept, though.

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i personally think the bucks

i personally think the bucks should keep jennings and build around him and bogut and whoever they get with the 10 pick

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i think the bucks demissed

i think the bucks demissed this rumor about trading jennings, I personally think they should keep him, maybe trade for bargs or drafts Donatues(spelled it wrong), for inside out game with bogut, and then a pg jennings

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I think Larry Saunders will

I think Larry Saunders will develop into a nice defensive player and be the Bucks 4 in the not to far future. The Bucks have said they like Burks and I think he would complement Jennings nicely.

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The player you're describing

The player you're describing that Toronto needs is Bayless, a guy they already have...athletic guard that can break down the defense is Bayless in a nutshell. And he finished the season very strong with a string of 20+ point games near the end of the season.

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that trade would be the

that trade would be the greatest trade ever for the bucks because they could simply draft Kemba who could just like brandon jennings in a year and then the bucks also get bargani who could play the pf position and still get his 21 points per game which is better then jennings 16 and last but not least the bucks still get to keep there draft pick and pick alec burks WWOOOWWWW that would be the bucks dream come true

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