Trade Rumor

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Trade Rumor

I'm not sure if this has been posted on this site yet, but here's something from draftexpress.

Apparently Martin is injured and will not play next season, and insurance will cover about 80% of his'd be kind of like how Speedy Claxton was with the Warriors this year.

This is a straight salary dump, and in my opinion can be seen two ways...

1) It's good that the Warriors are rebuilding, and a large expiring like K-Mart is a great way to dump Biedrins's long term salary.
2) Biedrins sucked like hell this year, but he played injured...still, GS would be trading him at his lowest value. You're supposed to buy low and sell high if you want to make a profit, not buy high and sell low. Plus, if Biedrins goes to the Nuggets, he's going to have to get tattoos, and I have no idea what Biedrins would look like with tats.

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I hope this doesn't happen,

I hope this doesn't happen, biedrins is my favorite player, when he's not injured he has a possibility to be a 15 12 guy, he was 17 and 14 when he had the team to himself 2 years ago when everyone was injured.
But why can't we get someone at least solid in these salary dumps? (kmart is good but will be out all season) in the last season I watched my favorite team traed 2 of ourost productive players, Stephen Jackson and Corey maggette for backups and guys who will never play.

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If this does happen, I could

If this does happen, I could see the Warriors trying to buy out Martin so that they can cut some pay role right now.. Then they could start building with their youth..

For the Nuggets, they could move Nene to the PF because Bedrins is a walking double-double when he is healthy..

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