A trade proposal for Carmelo to the Knicks

Knicks trade E. Curry, D.Gallinari and NY's 2013 first round pick to the Nuggets for Carmelo Anthony

Nuggets trade Nene to the 76ers for A. Iguodala and S. Hawes and a 2011 second round pick

Knicks trade W. Chandler to 76ers for Jason Smith

Everyone is happy. Chandler for Jason Smith is to avoid a log-jam at the 3. Smith also would thrive in Mike D'Antoni's offense. The 76ers could then play T. Young and E. Turner together and get a big man to replace S. Dalembert. Nuggets find a replacement for Melo in Iguodala and can begin their rebuilding process. And of course, New York gets Anthony.

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Dude how good do you think

Dude how good do you think Nene is? Like seriously I was willing to agree on the first part but then you said the Sixers would be willing to give up Iggy, Hawes, and a pick for Nene? Like come on bud are you being serious? First off do you realize that Nene only averaged like 2 more points then Hawes did last year in 8 more minutes plus he's like 5 years older and makes way to much. Not to mention Iggy is the heart of the franchise right now. And the Knicks would never just basically throw away a starting caliber small forward on somebody who will probably never start in this league especially when they got Randolph and Amare so its not like they need another athletic big. The Russian center they just got is better then Smith.

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man listen to the doctor of basketball he knows what he is talkin about

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Now back to that glue and

Now back to that glue and Kirilenko, who seems to vocalize everything in his own perfect, poetic way. The Russian veteran could be the spokesperson for the team at this point, with his sound bytes that transform what might otherwise be clichés or trite athlete-speak into comprehensible wisdom. He knows what he wants to contribute, and his approach should color the way the team thinks about its game from now on.

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No matter how hard the Cavs

No matter how hard the Cavs scrap and claw on a nightly basis, this year still could be a long one for Cleveland, but any time an organization has a kid this good on its roster, it’s reasonable to expect at least a small uptick in wins. The Irving-led Cavaliers are on the right track, but how quickly they’re able to get back up to speed will depend largely on how quickly Irving turns into an All-Star.

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The Blazers' next internal

The Blazers' next internal move was to bring in head coach Terry Stotts, who was 115-168 as coach of the Atlanta Hawks and Milwaukee Bucks but spent the past four seasons as an assistant with the Dallas Mavericks, where he won a championship.

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