Trade proposal

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Trade proposal

Memphis Signs & trades Rudy Gay for Tony Parker.

San Antonio: They get a legit wing scorer, he shores up the 3 for them good rebounder, and is a great defender when he tries. Get good value for Parker considering he might leave next year.

Memphis: Theres a good chance hell leave so they get good value for him, he probably would agree to go to a team like San Antonio (in a players poll it was the team players most wanted to go to) because of coaching, and they get a legit starting point guard.

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is that real or is it

is that real or is it something you created?

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depth if this happened


Hill - Garrett Temple
Williams - Ginobili (6th man role to save body)
Gay - Jefferson
Timmy - Blair / Richards
Mcdyess - Mahani / Spitter (will eventually start)


Parker - Conley / Vasquez
Mayo - Young / Vasquez
Henry - Brewer (if signed)
Randolph - Arthur
Gasol - Thabeet

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With that Spurs team Timmy

With that Spurs team Timmy wouldn't have to do anything on offence. He would be better on D and wouldn't get injured from fatigue.

Not sure why the Grizzlies would do this, they wouldn't be able to convince Parker to stay.

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