Trade Possible?

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Trade Possible?

Nets and Rockets

In: Tracy McGrady, 1st Round Pick, Cash Considerations
Out: Vince Carter, Yi Jianlian

In: Vince Carter, Yi Jianlian
Out: Tracy McGrady, 1st Round Pick, Cash Consdirations

Why would the Nets do this?
Cap space. Saving up for 2010, T-Mac has a monster 20 mil contract that comes off the books. The Nets want to trade Carter because of his lengthy expensive contract. Also, rumor has it that the Nets want to get rid of Yi because of his poor defense and development.

Why would the Rockets do this?
Vince Carter is better than T-Mac at this point because he is not as injury prone, and hasn't been crippled by injuries either that it will hurt their playoff chances. Its the Rockets last few chances before everyone gets old and they have to blow up the team to start fresh; better try and get good now with an aging Vince Carter that is still serviceable. Pairing Yi with Yao would be great as their asian fanbase would increase, meaning more money.


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Vince Carter is far from

Vince Carter is far from injury prone. It runs in both of their genes.

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Good trade

Good trade

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