To Trade Or Not To Trade - Demarcus Cousins

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To Trade Or Not To Trade - Demarcus Cousins

The topic regarding the Kings interest in Monta Ellis brought me to the question what do do with Cousins. He shows his immense potential so often that you have to ask yourself why he is such a douche to to all this stupid and childish stuff most of the time.

Will he ever come close to his ceiling or not, maybe he just won't do it with this team and situation..?

On the other side of the Franchise you can clearly see, that this Organisation is just in horrible conditions. It seems that the Kings finally will stay and this whole sale / relocate to Seattle-Thing is history.

Cousins is blamed for a lot of the shortcomings the last years but he is asked to save this waste of a talent pit.

If you consider a trade for the best interest of the Franchise of a fresh restart then you should really expect to get a least one All Star caliber player in return.

Who of you guys see realistic scenarios from this standpoint?
I really thing they could solve a lot of needs if you consider how good his trade value really is. I could see really big trade options on the horizon with some teams believing he could form him into a better player.

Last year it seemed like the Celtics considered a blowup with Pierce and / or KG one Option to give the Celtics franchise a New direction. I would love to see Cousins playing under coach Pop in San Antonio!

What do you think should the Kings get for dealing Cousins?

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Sorry for typos. It's not so

Sorry for typos. It's not so easy on my phone with autocorrrrrect in my foreigners Keyboard...

What came up with the App for mobile devices????????

I still love this idea - where can I donte???

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Due to DeMarcus Cousins

Due to DeMarcus Cousins attitude I have to imagine that it will be difficult to get fair value back for him. If I was running a team I'd be afraid to trade even talent for Cousins because it could blow up in my face and cost me my job.

There is no easy answer to the Cousins at this moment, but unless he goes total melt down its probably better for them to keep him than trade him particulary since there will be new management and quite likely a new coach as well.

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If the Kings had sane management...

...they'd fire the coach, blow up the roster, and rebuild around DMC. They'd make sure to surround him with talent that actually plays as a team, and they'd have a few vets on the team who can keep him in line. They'd also need a no-nonsense coach to keep DMC in line as well. That said, the Kings are as dysfunctional as the Jets or the Marlins at the moment. I feel sorry for you if you're a Kings fan right now. For real.

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They need to draft Trey

They need to draft Trey Burke, play Jimmer some more (he can shoot and he doesn't appear to be a franchise killer), and then keep on working with Cousins.

Cousins and Burke make two great guys to build around, now they need to find two or three more guys for their core.

Next, trade Tyreke Evans since they can get a lot for him, if he is not looked at as a core guy. If he is a free agent then try to do a sign and trade.

They can pick up their great wing player in next year's loaded class, but with Cousins and Burke on board they have their point guard and center of the future.

They can go small off the bench with Isaiah Thomas and Jimmer. Rotate Patrick Patterson and Jason Thompson at the power forward spot, and then look to add guys around the core.

I think Jimmy Butler would be a great fit. Throw some money at Arron Aflalo too.

The key though is to build around Cousins and Burke, then fill in some spots around them, and try to get lucky in next year's draft.

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How exactly would they be

How exactly would they be able to get Afflalo by throwing money at him? He already has a contract that's guaranteed through 2015.

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In all honesty

The kid is bat shit crazy, puts up the worst damn shots. But there are times where I'd say you'd have to be crazy to trade him. The amount of potential he has is very undervalued at his position. With a unique skill set and incredible footwork with a good coach he could easily dominate other big men in the nba. I wish someone like George Karl got to coach Cousins. He knows how to handle ego's without having his own.

Don't trade him, build around him. And draft some damn unselfish players. Patrick Patterson made that team better just by being on the court becuase of his unselfishness.

You want to trade someone on the kings? Trade Jason Thompson. He's got to be the least productive starter in the league by far.

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I dont build around Cousins

To wishy washy and inconsistent. Always been a believer in his talent but not him keeping his head. He is not the guy you build around. He must improve his attitude and overall consistent play. I trade him.

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Unless someone

Unless someone is offering a sweet deal no go! Most teams don't want one of your most talented players to be immature and emotionally unbalanced. He looks like a giant 7 year old when things don't go his way.

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The thing about Cousins is I

The thing about Cousins is I don't think it would be a good idea to trade him, he just may end up like Blatche and McGee by becoming successful elsewhere on playoff teams. In all actuality he needs a little of what Blatche and McGee got but it does not benefit the Kings.

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They need to get rid of Evans

They need to get rid of Evans and draft Burke. I would keep Cousins and Patterson and make everyone else expendable. They are just an awful mess. Really no good way of going about it.

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Memph Mad has it right by getting Burke

He may be the only true leader in this draft class, its more of a role player rich class. He seems to have a unique ability in that he can lead as a rookie or at least very early in his career. Even some some of the other really good point guards like Kyrie and Curry aren't necessarily the emotional and character leaders of their ball clubs. Its a shame because Marcus Smart would have fell in that same category.

No matter what it won't end well with Cousins for Sacramento. Either he stays and he continues to disrespect his coaches and teammates or he is traded and figures everything out. He could turn out like Rasheed Wallace were he never controls his emotions but is a really good player.

I wouldn't trade Tyreke if he can be retained at less than 10 million a year. He made a conscious and deliberate business decision to be efficient and that in a way is a indication that he is coach-able.

I like Thornton's fearlessness but he's the one that needs to go, unless Evans commits to penetrating more often. Jamaal Crawford's success this year coming off the bench for a contender is really what Thornton should be doing. A building team doesn't need a hired gun, it needs somebody who can lead by example, showing guys what a good shot is.

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Assuming Burke is out of

Assuming Burke is out of reach for them, I really think MCW could be a good fit in Sacramento. On a team loaded with guys that only score and do nothing else, MCW can distribute and put them all in positions to score and he plays his butt off on the defensive end in a way that can be contagious.

Cousins is really a huge decision. I agree that they won't get fair value for him, but at some point, they have to sit down and decide if they truly think they can get through to him. If they can't, every year they keep him around is just another year that he can poison the locker room and drive the team culture further south.

I honestly didn't pay that much attention to them after the Patterson trade... how was Cousins once he had Patterson on the team with him? Was he still as big of a troublemaker?

They really need a culture change though. A PG like Burke or MCW that can generate some offense for other guys and a 3 and D guy like Afflalo or something would be a good start.

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As I have said before, I don't like him personally, but it doesn't make sense for the Kings to trade him. At least not yet. He's still on a rookie deal and he's been an idiot at times so there is no way you get a fair deal. I don't think they even have a contract on the roster bad enough to try to tie it with him to make it worth it. In my opinion they should try and lock him up on an extension now if they can get a discount. If and when he hits free agency, someone will drive up the price, even if they decide to match. Give him until at least the first year of his next deal and if he doesn't work out then trade him. Someone will take a chance on him, even if it's just because they think they have a better environment for him.

You can't give away the guy on your team with the most potential, especially when you have a lot of other guys that have a zero percent chance at ever being an all star. You can't get rid of your only guy with any real value.

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The Kings have Tyreke Evans

The Kings have Tyreke Evans out of contract this summer and can also extend DMC so they have some big decisions to make, they either have to look at possible trade options or commit large salaries to these two guys. Evans's production has declined each year in the NBA but he is still a young talented player and they took him ahead of Rubio. They traded Thomas Robinson this year, the jury is still out on Jimmer so we have a question mark over their last 4 top 10 draft picks.

As regards DMC, I can only echo what has been said above, he is highly talented but is also very high maintenance and his talent would never be reflected in his trade value so I edge towards keeping him but the thought of him on a roster such as Boston as mentioned above is very intriguing, imagine the player he could be with KG alongside him and PP to bark aat him.

As regards the Kings front office, Geoff Petrie has been there over 20 years and is 65 years old now, Wayne Cooper has been there nearly 20 years too. Maybe they need to look at giving a bigger role to someone like Shareef Abdur-Rahim or bring in a proven GM from elsewhere. Maybe the ideal option would be for Petrie to maybe step down and become a consultant to the new owners, make Cooper Basketball President to make use of his franchise experience and then promote Shareef to GM.

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He has all the potential in

He has all the potential in the world, but I have doubts that he'll ever realize it. Might as well try to cut bait now while you can, instead of waiting for him to lose his shit and do something that basically makes him untradeable.

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I don't think he will reach

I don't think he will reach his potential in Sacramento, and he has a chance to reach it after a move, ala Blatche and McGhee like the poster above wrote. On that note, why keep him if he may not improve? I think you have to send a message that you will not put up with this type of BS. Also- teams for sale usually likes to shed salary. Sacramento has a lot of bad salary. If Im Sacramento, Ill see if Washington is interested in pairing Cousins with Wall. If so, all it will take is their lottery pick this year, and swapping bad contracts for a few expiring deals that Wash has.

Sacramento gets- '13 first rounder, Okafor, Ariza, Vesely, Seraphin

Washington gets- Cousins, Hayes, Salmons, Thorton/Thompson

Seems like chump change for what Cousins can become, but after next season, Sacramento will shed over $20 million in salary. In addition to that, grab another lotto pick this year, and get Vesely, who was a lotto pick just last year. He still has potential.
Wash, if they think they can straighten out Cousins, will jump on this deal. They get Cousins to pair with Wall and Beal, plus deepens their bench with Salmons and Thorton OR Thompson.

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If I'm a winning team I make

If I'm a winning team I make an offer for him simple as that. If you want to see a mature non childish DC that's what needs to happen he needs to be on a winning team. He's just not as professional as everyone else in the league. Dudes mad good and wants to win why do you think he went to UK instead of UAB wanted to win and you see that with how he was much more mature for his age at that point in time. I don't blame him for enjoying and wanting to win he's mad good wants the W. I do blame him for how immature he publicly displays himself. I wouldnt offer anyothing tho that shows I'm very interested right away but I'd give up a lot for him based on his market value cause its low.

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if there was a decent offer id trade him. Asap. Hes too u stable to build around and seems to be so set in his ways that im not sure any coach or set of vets could change him. I feel he plays to showcase instead of win. No leadership skills at all be it by example or verbal. Hes a talent at a position without much talent.

Seriously say they traded Evans n thorton and drafted Burke or whoever, thats not going to change him. Hell still be jacking up random jumpers, arguing with refs and giving out low blows.

Id certainly trade him for a young player and a good pick in next years draft.

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