Trade Not Being Discussed

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Trade Not Being Discussed

I've wondered for a while why a trade of Kyle Lowry and Luis Scola for Pau Gasol hasn't been discussed. It's simple and makes so much sense for both teams. For the Lakers Scola isn't a massive downgrade from Gasol but it's Lowry who's a massive upgrade. His defense alone make the Lakers more lethal. For the Rockets they would guarantee themselves one big allstar, and still retain the majority of their assets to go after D12, and if they can't land him they can still go after guys like Rudy Gay, Josh Smith, Iguodala, Deng etc. Moving those two also allows them to resign Dragic and Courtney Lee. Even after this trade the pieces they could trade would still be #12, #16, #18, future picks, Kevin Martin, Patrick Patterson, Marcus Morris, Chandler Parsons, rights to donatas Montiejunas. You can't tell me all of those assets couldn't land them 2 great starters. Even if they traded away the majority of those players if you factor in keeping Dragic and Lee to add to Gasol and whatever other players they acquire they would be a great team. It seems the Rockets are unwilling to grow their assets so this trade makes sense to me.

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According to reports, the

According to reports, the Lakers are looking for a top ten draft pick and an "established" player for Gasol.

I don't think Scola and Lowry are enough. However, maybe Houston could be creating a package with the picks they've been acquiring.

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Sorry but Gasol is not worth

Sorry but Gasol is not worth Lowry, Scola and and top 20 pick, Gasol is quickly declining, still good servicable player, but worth 2 starters and a 1st rounder, no. Even if Houston is a good fit for him.

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Other trade options for Pau

Other trade options for Pau that I think could happen are Gasol to TOR for the 8th and Bargnani, or Gasol to NOH for Kaman and the 10th. With Toronto, they get a rebounding big man that can score that could see a revival in his career and might be a nice piece to pull Nash. Meanwhile, the Lakers get a scoring outside to fit Bynum's inside and a better fit in Mike Brown's system. If the Hornets trade happens (less likely), LA gets a 7 footer that's not soft and can provide some of the toughness Pau lacked. Hornets get a great center to pair with Davis and have mentor him.

I can't see the Lakers doing either of these because they've got Pau overvalued in my opinion. Just throwing it out for discussion though.

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