What if halfway through the season if the Trinity in Miami doesn't work out and the Heat are struggling, Pat Riley decides to trade Lebron to A) Fill their holes at PG, C, and SF (by trading LeBron), B) Solve the Alpha-Dog situation of the team, and C) completely shaft Lebron (who has become so much fun to hate)

Here are some possibilities which would need tinkering (some more than others but its an outline)

CHI - Rose, Noah, and Deng
MIL - Jennings, Bogut, Maggete
NJ - Harris, Lopez, Lee
PHI - Holliday/Turner, Speights, Iguadola
DEN - Billups, Nene, Smith
GS - Curry, Biedrins, Morrow
HOU - Brooks, Ming, Ariza
LAC - Davis, Griffin, Aminu
MEM - Mayo, Gasol, Gay
NO - Paul, Okafor, Pondexter
POR - Miller, Oden, Batum
SAC - Evans, Cousins, Casspi

And my favorite...

CLE - Williams, Varejao, Moon, Hickson

Does Dan Gilbert say no? Do Cleveland fans welcome him back? HOW AWKWARD WOULD THIS BE???

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Very awkward, I doubt it

Very awkward, I doubt it would happen, but it would make me laugh. If this does happen, I think Bosh would be traded instead of James or Wade, because he is the lesser talent of the trio. Still deserves consideration but is not as good as Lebron and Dwade.

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DET Stuckey, Hamilton, and

DET Stuckey, Hamilton, and Maxiell

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