Trade Ideas for the Raptors/Starting Over

First of, I know there are plenty of trade ideas thrown around everyday on this site, which believe it or not makes this site the site it is (the forum experience), but as a Toronto Raptor fan this is the time period to blow this team up and keep a few players on the roster. I say start over, now!

I got a trade idea, so from what I have gather as an NBA fan the T'wovles seem to be the new Toronto Raptors, what I mean the European culture (players) on the roster, good luck with that, that did not work in Toronto. On the other hand, we got the Lakers, the team with great need of youth and need to move Gasol because he's unhappy coming of the bench. This trade is not bias, its only an idea or opinion, the guys make sense for the teams moving forward.

Feel to add trade ideas including the Raptors and the plans for this team moving forward. Personally, the Raptors can start over and the people in Toronto will accept it because the organization is trying to win but they are losing, why not try to lose to lose. Lets be real there isn't one guy in the 2013 draft that can change the roster moving forward, plus they dont have the pick if the don't get a top 3. As a fan of this team looking forward to 2014, Elite Talent is in the Horizon ahead. If Cleveland twice, Orlando, Chicago, LAC and Washington can get their first pick. Starting over now, can give the Raptors the chance at the First pick in 2014, common sense you know where I am going with this. Wiggins, period.

Here is my trade scenario

Lakers receive: Kevin Love and Demar DeRozan

Twolves receive: Andrea Bargnani, Jose Calderon and Pau Gasol

Raptors receive: Derrick Williams, Luke Ridnour and two future first round pick from both the Twolves and Lakers

Gasol, Bargnani and Calderon will add to the European culture in Minnesota. Gasol ending his career around calderon and Rubio. Bargnani will add to the european style with his 7 foot shooting ability and calderon can start with or come of the bench behind Rubio. Gasol still got game in him and a new scenario will be good for him. Lakers get Love to stretch the floor on the offensive end at the 4 spot and Demar to start at the 3. Raptors gets Luke and Williams, two first round picks from each teams. Luke backs up Lowry and Williams starts at the 3.

Starting 5 after the trade.

PG: Nash
SG: Kobe
SF: DeRozan
PF: Love
C: Howard

PG: Rubio
SG: Roy
SF: Kirilenko
PF: Bargnani
C: Gasol

PG: Lowry
SG: Ross
SF: Williams
PF: Davis
C: Valanciunas

Personally, as a Toronto Raptor fan I want to see this Organization start over from the draft. Moving forward the Raptors need to get rid of three individuals on this team listed in the trade above as well as the GM Bryan Colangelo. First of, please don't give me or post bs about DeRozan, No BS! Ross have better potential period, time to move on.
Secondly, I don't care about Calderon and his time with Raptors, Lowry is the man for now, Calderon against elite pg is not that good, yeah the Raptors got on a little run winning some games, they still suck compare to the rest of the league.
Thirdly, Coach Casey love his coaching, no negative comment for him.
Fourth, No more excuse for this team and Organization.
Fifth, to the CEO's of Rogers and Bell we customers pay way to much money for a lack luster NBA team, so I hope you all understand winning is not as important right now for the City of Toronto, we accept the pass as failure with an attempt to try, but it is time to try to lose now not win, because it ain't working. People understand the time to lose is now and start over. The 2014 Draft class is the Future of the NBA. Sixth, the culture need to change for the city and it starts with the draft, players are not looking to come here even though the lifestyle in Toronto is high class. We got arguable the best looking women in North America and a rich culture of people who love basketball more than Hockey, yes more than Hockey. I am talking the city, the core Toronto, Scarborough, Mississauga and Brampton. The new generation like myself and others love the Raptors aka known as the 'Captors', we don't know what winning is period and we still love the Raptors, starting over would add insult to the injury but we 'know what is losing' so it not a big deal because you we all know, Wiggins is the New 'Big Ticket'.
Seventh, Raptor games at the moment is a luxury for many people in the city, meaning it is a night out or a good time, we love the free slice of pizza when the team scores 100 points. As fans that is all we get if they even score 100. As a fan and I know I'm speaking for many (Hundreds of Thousands) and most of Canada we just want to start over and get Wiggins :D
Finally, share your thoughts and lets get this to the head at the top. Starting with Rogers and Bell then down to Organization itself. We fans deserve way more for this lack luster team Known as the Toronto Raptors

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dude where have you been? the

dude where have you been? the raps already made a trade and its all over every website and our forums here

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The truth is

I was typing the shit out with my heart as fan of this team and Colangelo pulled the Rudy Gay shit off. At the moment I had one tab open on my laptop. I don't care about the thumbs down I posted this too late that's my bad, but oh well. I had no clue this was happen. Bryan just added more mess, damn this guy thinks he's smart and cleaver when in reality Memphis is saying 'Thank You Bryan' for saving us money.

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regardless, that is a really

regardless, that is a really dumb trade

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twolves would be laughing

twolves would be laughing their asses of if they got offered this. they are giving up their best player and a former number 2 pick for a 7 chucker, a 7 foot chucker who cant chuck and an old point guard who does the same thing as rubio. this is just another stupid trade idea that completely favours the lakers.

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