Trade Ideas: Asik to Hawks? Afflalo?

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Trade Ideas: Asik to Hawks? Afflalo?

I see at multiple sites the idea posted regarding Ryan Anderson to the Rockets in exchange for Asik. I thought it might also be a possibility to exchange Asik for Millsap, giving ATL finally a C to put next to Horford and giving Hou a very good PF (who can also shoot a little bit). Feasible idea or not? Asik and Millsap have both a 2-year contract, so not problem regarding flexibility or anything.

Another question regards Afflalo: a good SG in the wrong position at ORL. Could he maybe go to DET in exchange for an expiring? Do you guys see any other options?

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I'm a big Asik fan and I

I'm a big Asik fan and I think it would be a mistake to trade him. The Rockets were very bad defensively when he didn't play last year. You have to have a plan for when D. Howard sits. Getting yet another PF on the team (remember this is the team that at one point had 8 of them) doesn't solve the problem that Howard might only play 30 minutes a night and certainly less than 38. So you need to play minutes without him. Maybe a good number of them. And last year the team fell apart whenever Asik sat. Maybe you think that with Howard and a better PF the team will have such a huge lead from the starters that the bench won't matter. But generally things don't work out that way. The bench plays and it better be at least decent.

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Greg Smith played mostly

Greg Smith played mostly backup center last year. He has the length, athleticism, and motor to back up Dwight no doubt. Asik deserves to start somewhere and he made it known that he doesn't want to be a back up. It would be great to keep him, but he is only going to play 15 minutes a game. Its not like he is going to make that big of a difference playing 15 minutes as a backup over Greg Smith. Again, great to keep him for D off the bench, but it would probably be best for everyone involved if he went somewhere else.

Edit: Dwight has never played less than 32.6 minutes per game, which was his rookie year. Even with injuries last year he played 36. Dwight and Asik just cant play together. So you would be lucky to get 15 minutes from Asik. And you would be better off trading him for another shooter/veteran/perimeter defender to make the team more well rounded and suited for a championship. Harden and Howard are the center pieces and the team needs to be built around their abilities.

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Idk, Millsap would be a

Idk, Millsap would be a pretty sick addition because his game complements Dwight's so well and he's good on both ends of the floor. I think that's the type of move that could elevate them into the upper echelon of the Western Conference. He's such an underrated player who impacts the game in a variety of ways. Defense, rebounding, shooting, passing, hustle play, toughness, IQ etc. He'd be perfect for Dwight, IMO an even better fit than Ryan Anderson who doesn't have as many dimensions.

I know that HOU plans to play Dwight and Omer together at times but I just don't think they'd work well together. If they don't then what is Omer, a 15 minute a game back up who has a lot of value around the league? IMO they should take advantage of the value that he has and use it to complete their starting lineup.

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Have they tried to play

Have they tried to play Howard and Asik together at all? They would be great defensively and dominate the boards. On offense, I think they could figure it out.

I don't get why Dwight Howard can't play some 4. The Rockets could use him like the Clippers use Blake Griffin. Quick post moves, and some pick and rolls.

The Rockets now are in a great spot. They have a superstar in James Harden on the wing with legit depth at the most important positions on the floor -- Howard and Asik at center, with Jeremy Lin and Patrick Beverely at point guard.

They need to figure out there forward rotations, but I really like Chandler Parsons at the 3.

I think the Rockets can win the West this year, even if they go with 'power forward by committee'.

Dwight Howard needs to help out the team and give it a go at power forward in certain bigger lineups. Lin, Harden, Parsons, Dwight, and Asik would be very, very tough to stop.

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Dwight is no threat from 15

Dwight is no threat from 15 feet let alone 10 feet away from the hoop. He has no jumper, like none whatsoever. He's averaged less than 1 shot attempt a game from outside of 10 feet for his entire career. Plus he's a weak passer with limited other ball skills. Same could be said about Asik, except he's a better passer. Dwight does have face up ability from the midpost with his running hooks but his advantage in that dep't is lesser vs PFs than it is vs Cs who tend to be slower. At least Blake has ball skills, has blow by ability and the threat of a jumper. His jumper actually looks improved during the preseason. He's encouraged to take more of them by Doc and he's not hesitating letting em fly, which was an issue under VDN.

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Asik's Contract Situation

I am far from a salary cap guy, but I think Asik has a tough contract to move as well (as does Lin). My understanding is that the contact is structured where the yearly cap hit is $8,374,646 for each of his three years. However, the actual salary he gets paid is much less, until year three (2014-2015) where he is owed $14,898,938. So shelling out almost $15MM for Asik is not easy. I like him, but not at that number.

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Millsap for Asik

I really like this trade for both teams.

Hawks: Horford is a natural PF (played the 4 alongside Noah in college) and has not gotten the chance to play the position since coming to the league. The way Asik gobbles up boards and clogs the paint on defense, it would allow Horford to defend a PF for once, and he could utilize his solid face-up/jump shooting game. A lot of NBA PFs would have a tough time dealing with Horford.

Rockets: Although Millsap is a tad undersized at the 4 (6'8), he would be a great compliment to the rest of the Rockets team. He doesn't need the ball to be effective (unlike Dwight or Harden), his motor does not stop running, hits the mid-range jumper, and racks up the steals. He also moves well without the ball, is unselfish, and he is a great glue/locker room guy.

Funny that contracts basically match up, I think a 1 for 1 swap would bump up each teams overall win percentage.

Hawks would still have Elton Brand to back up the PF, and the Rockets could use Greg Smith to back up Dwight or trade either him, Donatas, or Terrence Jones for a back up C. I know Camby is in Houston, but his health is too unreliable.

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This would be a very nice

This would be a very nice trade to look at before the deadline if D-Mo and Terrence Jones can't handle the PF spot and Asik isn't getting many minutes behind Dwight.

We need to see how well D-Mo and TJones do before we look to replace them. I actually think they're doing decently well throughout this preseason at the PF spot, averaging 16.6 PPG and 10.3 RPG combined in the course of about 47 minutes a game. If they can combine for those types of numbers during the regular season, trading for a PF won't be an issue. (Of course, this is only preseason)

I also think people are sleeping on Greg Smith, he's just 22 years old and averaged 6.0 PPG and 4.6 RPG in only 16 minutes a game (including 7.0 PPG and 5.5 RPG in 20 MPG after the All-Star break.) With Asik taking minutes at the C, Greg Smith could definitely start at PF.

As a matter of fact, in 18 games where he played 20-29 minutes, he averaged 10.3 PPG and 7.0 RPG, not bad for a 22 year old that went undrafted two years ago.

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Very interesting idea. Milsap

Very interesting idea. Milsap would be a great fit along side Howard imo, but I am also curious to see how Asik and Howard work together. I don't think they should be on the court at the same time, but having the best center combo in the league will be fun to watch. Having a great defender at C in the game at all times hasn't been seen in awhile. Usually when a Howard, Chander, Hibbert, etc goes out of the game for that 15-20 minutes the teams usually start driving to the basket more, but having Asik backup Howard prevents teams from doing that. If Montajunas or Jones can hold down the PF spot for Houston I would really like to see how good the team could be with having Howard or Asik in the game at all times, but if it isn't as good as I think it could be then Asik for Milsap could be a great deal for both sides. Milsap is a very underrated and I think he is going to look great in Atlanta with the offense going through him and Horford, but having a Asik will allow Horford to go back to his natural position and probably making him much happier as well.

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