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This trade should get some attention.

Chicago bulls: trade luel deng and first round pick to denver,

and get kevin martin of that.

houston rocket: trade young talent jordan hill , kevin martin and chase budinger

and get carmelo anthony of that.

denver nugget: trade carmelo anthony

and get young players jordan hill, chase budinger and vetern luel deng.

this trade helps everywone well. chicago needs a three point shooting guard thats can help them offensliy and will play desent defens.

denver get a top ten draft talent in ordan hill plus chase budunger un underrated player from college plus luel deng a player with playoff experience with the bulls.

houston gets a top five scoring elite player i carmelo anthony which they have been looking.
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i dont think chicago would go

i dont think chicago would go for it since they have no depth at sf position

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I think you are forgetting

I think you are forgetting james johnson , kyle korver , luel deng , ronnie brewer and keith bogan was a reach small forward with the spurs but smallfoward. all of those men are decent good small fowards but none is a good starting shooting guard. korver can shoot the three as good anyone but slampy defender for the two or three position.johnson and brewer are great defender ate the three but and two but lack the three point range to spread the court on the 2 position and keith is too old and not good inaf for a starter on a playoff team(bulls).

As what I ment is that the bulls have good smallfowads but no good startng shooting guard. so have have depth ate the smallfoward not the two

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