Trade Idea...OKC & Detroit

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Trade Idea...OKC & Detroit

In this trade OKC gives up Serge Ibaka and Perry Jones for Detroit's Greg Monroe. and Charlie Villanueva.

Why would OKC do this trade:

This gives OKC and inside outside. 1,2 punch in Durant and Monroe...and it gives them much needed low post scoring. Also With Villanueva, it gives them another shooter to stretch the floor (off the bench) with monroe. The monroe Durant combo should benefit the Thunder. Finally, the in the offseason they will have salary cap if they decide to let Villanueva to walk.

Why would detroit do this.

This gives detroit another defensive minded player to pair up with Drummond and smith. Also it gives the pistons a big man who can shoot the mid range with consistency. Also with his defensive ability it will continue to provide the length that hurt opposing teams, and should help Drummond stay out of foul trouble. Monroe low post skills will be missed but Ibaka low post shot blocking and jumpshot make up for it.

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No way

The only deal OKC will be doing is getting rid of Perkins' contract via amnesty or trade.

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Unfortunately for your

Unfortunately for your Pistons OKC's front office is too competent to do this. This trade would be a mess for them both on offense and on D. On defense they would have to welcome two below average defenders, giving up a great shot blocker who's becoming also a good defender (though he's been overrated in the past). On offense Ibaka is really important because he can stretch the floor with his mid range jumper and corner 3's. Yep, it's true, Villanueva can shoot too, but he's never playing more than 10-12 mpg because he's such a liability on D; and Monroe is a guy who likes to play with his back to the basket, which is terrible for an OKC offense based mostly on ISOs for Durant and Westbrook. Also, if the Thunders consider Ibaka so valuable that they'd rather give up Harden instead of him (I'm not saying it was a good move, but that's what they did) I thin they're going to ask a lot more if they want to trade him.

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It's not a horrible trade,

It's not a horrible trade, but I don't think it really impacts either team enough to make it worthwhile.

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This deal makes no sense for

This deal makes no sense for OKC. They don't need a big man to play through. Their offense runs through KD and Westbrook respectively. With Monroe there, the offense would still run through KD and RW first which would minimize Monroe's strength as a post hub. OKC needs what Ibaka provides more than they'd need what Monroe does. Ibaka is a lower usage player who can serve as a pressure release shooter, opening driving lanes and drawing help defenders outside the paint. Plus he's a better help defender/rim protector and he's actually been a better rebounder than Monroe this yr as well. On top of that, Monroe is up for an extension and judging by the market will likely be making more than Ibaka (better numbers at the same stage).

OKC's in a really good position. From a purely basketball standpoint, they really don't need to make any moves. They might have to make moves in the near future for financial reasons (avoiding a steep repeater tax with impending extensions), but not for basketball reasons. They could try to find a taker for Perkins but we all know that won't happen. Outside of that, they have all the pieces they need. Maybe they could use another outside shooter off the bench, but that's about it.

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Terrible move for OKC, but it

Terrible move for OKC, but it must've been fun talking up Charlie Villanueva as anything remotely useful.

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no way

i do really like monroe so this isnt a knock on him but he doesnt fit with kd and rw like serge does

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