trade idea that won't happen

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trade idea that won't happen

I always like to play around with trades that improve every team. None of our trade ideas will ever happen, but just let me know if this makes sense for every team and if it would help them. The only reason I'm doing this because I'm bored and have nothing better to do than make up trades and watch Raptor games lol. So here it goes:

Lakers trade: Gasol, Meeks, and Morris
Lakers get: Granger, Thomas, and Williams
Lakers lineup: Nash(Duhon), Bryant(Williams), Granger(Ebanks), Peace(Jamison/Thomas), Howard(Hill)
Why? They have been talking about trading Gasol if he does not fit the system (heard it a billion times during the Lakers game last night). So in doing this they do bring in another elite player in Granger. The team will player smaller, but the starting lineup fits D'Antoni's system better.

Charlotte trades: Henderson, Gordon, Biyombo, Thomas, and Williams
Charlotte gets: Gasol, Hansborough, Stephenson, and Meeks
Charlotte lineup: Walker(Sessions), Stephenson(Meeks), MKG(Taylor), Gasol(Hansborough), Mullens(Haywood)
Why? You can only have so many young guys until you need to get a veteran in there. They don't trade away any key pieces other than Henderson and replace him with Stephenson, who has a lot of potential. It's also nice to have a couple big men who can score inside.

Indiana trades: Granger, Hansborough, and Stephenson
Indiana gets: Henderson, Gordon, Biyombo, and Morris
Indiana lineup: Hill(Morris), Henderson(Gordon), George(Green), West(Biyombo), Hibbert(Mahinmi)
Why? Granger is coming off an injury so the trade would have to wait until he gets back anyways (and the Lakers wanna see how Gasol fits with Nash as well). But with trading Granger, they give the reigns to George who is moved to his natural position while the sg position is filled by two very good players. Morris is that young change of pace point guard they have been looking for. Biyombo replaces Hansborough and him and Hibbert will have block parties lol.

So what y'all think?

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so pacers give up the person

so pacers give up the person who has been there franchise over the last 4 years and in return get gerald henderson? must be a laker fan

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Grainger for Gasol could work

Grainger for Gasol could work but the Pacers have West and Hibbert as their frontcourt so that creates an issue unless West goes as well which would mean the Lakers would have to send a filler and the Pacers give up two quality players for one in return.

My Gasol wildcard is Brooklyn, they could absorb his salary and send Humphries who expires in 2014 the other way with say Stackhouse and Teletovic to help balance the salaries and maybe a pick as well.

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