Trade idea for UTA/HOU

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Trade idea for UTA/HOU

Al Jefferson for Kevin Martin staight swap.

Utah has a load of PF and Centres and could do with a SG as Alec Burks may not be ready to start yet. Also Houston is lacking a starting Centre.


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Good trade

This is a very good trade idea. The Jazz lack in the frontcourt and need a scorer, which is exactly what Kevin Martin can bring. The Rockets are a center away from contending in the West, and you can't go wrong with a guy like Al Jefferson. He is a big that can score and play solid defense, and he's an upgrade over every center on that roster.

I don't know if the salaries match, but if they did this would be a good trade on both sides in my personal opinion.

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Al Jefferson

Al Jefferson has never won on any team at any level. Hw is a stat player period ./.. you certainly do not trade your best player in Kevin Martin for him.

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Then what would be have on

Then what would be have on the perimeter? All this trade does is erase one weakness but makes another.

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Really don't see Scola and

Really don't see Scola and Jefferson working out together. They have a pretty similar skill set. Both are under the basket bigs with huge array of offensive post moves, both show decent rebounding and post defense, neither are great help defenders. I guess Scola probably has a slightly better mid range game so a high low thing might work but don't know if it would be a hand in glove fit.

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Pretty fair deal talent wise,

Pretty fair deal talent wise, but positionally it helps Utah more than Houston. They could throw in CJ Miles to make Houston's wing loss a little less painful.

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I'm a Rockets fan, and

I'm a Rockets fan, and although this would make sense on a few levels, and a solid value deal, I'd rather put a defensive big beside Scola (if we keep him).

Either way, we need a C badly.

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