trade idea orl/lac

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trade idea orl/lac

Trade E.Bledsoe and some pieces
for A.Afflalo and maybe draftpicks/young guys (maybe Harkless)

gives Orlando the point guard they desperately need so the can pick
N.Noel in this draft and go after A.Wiggins or J.Parker next draft

Clippers get a starting two guard, a proven defender and a floor stretcher
and maybe so player/players to develop

raw idea I know but tell me what you think

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They could do better for

They could do better for Bledsoe I feel like.

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I would think LAC would want

I would think LAC would want more in return for Bledsoe considering how much his value skyrocketed this year

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As a Tragic fan, I'd love to see us ship out Aaron Afflalo for Eric Bledsoe. Beldsoe is young, explosive, and has been the lead apprentice for one of the best PG's in the game. That being said, I DO NOT think they should over-value him. As it stands now, Bledsoe is un-proven as a full time lead guard. He has the potential to be a great guard in this league, but shipping out the young core the Tragic have right now would be detrimental to their growth. I really like Harkless/Harris/Vucevic they showed flashes last year that give Magic fans hope. A combination of Afflalo, & taking back a bad contract from the Clippers SHOULD do the trick. If the Clippers look to push harder, call their bluff...they are fresh off of letting Rivers & KG walk & are feeling the pressure from CP3.

I am not a huge fan of Noel at #2, he's a HUGE TALENT but that knee scares me. I would prefer to see the Magic draft McLemore at #2, as I think he is the guy with the best long term potential/fit for this young team. He is an outside scorer that could potentially open up the post for Vucevic/Harris/Nicholson. McLemore is also quite athletic, & could give Harkless a nice running mate on the opposite wing.

*I would also REALLY like to see the Magic make a move for Thomas Robinson. Houston is looking to get rid of him for pennies on the $ and The Magic have the available cap space to take back a bad contract from the Rockets. Anytime you can pick up a #2 overall pick for basically do it! The real win here is that we would still be benefiting from #DwightCowards inability to stick with a decision*

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