Trade idea for Minnesota if they pick Derrick Williams

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Trade idea for Minnesota if they pick Derrick Williams

Trade Idea 1:

Minnesota Gets: Chris Kaman

Clippers get: Michael Beasley, Luke Ridnour

Why Minnesota Does this? They get to pick derrick williams and trade beasley. They also get a good center who can probably start for them. Although Kaman is injury-prone they still have darko to backup. I think this really helps them have a solid starting five and a okay bench.

PG - Ricky Rubio, Backup: Jonny Flynn

SG - Wesley Johnson, Backup: Wayne Ellington

SF - Derrick Williams, Backup: Lazar Hayward or Martell Webster

PF - Kevin Love, Backup: Anthony Randolph

C - Chris Kaman, Backup: Darko Milicic

Why the clippers do this? They get rid of Kaman and deandre can be their main center and possibly pickup a backup in the draft or FA. They get a SF in beasley who still has a lot of potential and can help them become a playoff team. They get a very solid, underrated point in Ridnour who can either start over Mo or play backup(more likely backup). This trade also helps their bench which can help them become a playoff team.

PG - Mo Williams, Backup: Luke Ridnour

SG - Eric Gordon, Backup: Willie Warren or Randy Foye

SF - Michael Beasley, Backup: Al-forouq Aminu, then Ryan Gomes

PF - Blake Griffin, Backup: Ike Diogu, Brian Cook (I think ike is underrated)

C - Deandre Jordan, Backup: Someone they pickup in the draft or in Free agency.

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Minnesota would probably want

Minnesota would probably want a little more than an injury prone center and the Clippers would probably say no too. DeAndre Jordan is a free agent, and may not return(although I think he will). Then they would be left with no center.

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like I said i know he is an

like I said i know he is an injury prone center but then they have darko at backup who has started for them before. it is mainly to free up their SF position for d-will and the clips are very high on jordan and will probably give him a good amount of money.. maybe some draft picks could be involved but i really think trade would help both teams.

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I Like This Trade

I really like this trade and thinks it helps both parties.

I think alot of people are WAY to high on Beasley. They simply look at his scoring from last season and assume he is worth more than he is. Most people (including myself) dont have the understanding to truely assess a players defensive ability the way coaches do. Defense is just as important as offense, but the populous over values offense. Remember defense keeps you on the floor in the 4th quarter of a close game.

We know that Beasley was given up by Miami on the cheep (mainly to clear space) but that was also because he just isnt that good. Miami knew he could score but he obivously was missing a major defensive component (they could have at least traded him for a future 1st round and couldnt even get that!). The bottom line is beasley's value hasnt changed much since his miami days, he just was given more oppertunities due to the Minn roster. He is still the same awful defensive, immature player. Flipping him for Kaman seems fair (due to this injury history), but might not be what LAC.

I still think it is in LAC best interest to pursue Igodala because they need more of a defensive presense in their starting line up. Maybe Kaman and Aminu might do the trick.

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I just don't see the Clippers

I just don't see the Clippers bringing in a guy like Beasley. They really don't need much more scoring from the 3 they just need a guy who can step in, play solid defense on the wing and limit mistakes. The Clips should be able to get someone to fit that role more than Beasley does. There are very few good centers in the NBA today so I don't see any reason they can't get very good value for Kaman. Iggy for Kaman and a draft pick seems like a pretty reasonable trade to me. I think both teams would be crazy not to make that trade.

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The Iggy for Kaman is a lot better deal than this one.

The iggy for Kaman deal is a lot better deal than this one for the Clippers. Kevnix said it best, The Clippers don't need another selfish ballhog to do the bulk of scoring. They already have a scoring machine in Gordon, one of the best young PF's in the game today in Griffin, a young budding Center who they love, and PG who is slowly proving doubters wrong in Bledsoe. They don't really need much at SF. They just need someone who is tough and can play defense. That is not Beasley. Iggy would be perfect for that role.

I still think that Minny will trade the 2nd pick. Especially if its Irving or Williams.

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Can someone give me a good

Can someone give me a good trade for the wolves to get rid of beasley.. I need one for something

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Beasley Trade Idea

Minnesota sends Beasley, 2nd pick, johnny flynn to Indiana for Granger, 15th pick, second round pick, and Brandon Rush. Hell i bet you could even switch the second rounder for a protected first round pick next year

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Idea (needs some work)

Main idea is Beasley for Biedrins: add a couple of draft picks coming from the Warriors (not this year's because GSW would pick either Biyombo or T. Thompson with it) and then I took Tolliver and Adrien to match the salaries. This trade could also take place during the offseason, so as for the Warriors to add someone like Al Thornton once he's resigned... Just an idea.

Your thoughts?

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iguadola for Beasley, Darko and the 20th pick

We can give you Craig Brackins too...find a taker for Iguadola and you could get another player like Monta Ellis lmao...

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i dont want beasley on any team i like so

sense i cant stand b easy and hes one dimensioanl azz i say send him too the knicks o wait the knicks traded their entire team for melo who isnt gonna mesh stat lmao

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3-team deal. Min gets:

3-team deal.

Min gets: Granger, Raja Bell, #12 pick

Utah gets: Beasley, Flynn, #15 pick

Ind gets: Milsap, #2 pick, #20 pick

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Houston Gets Beasley,

Houston Gets

Beasley, Webster, Randolph

Minnesota Gets

Kevin martin

Mini Rotation next year

PG Rubio SG Martin SF Williams PF Love C Milicic

PG Ridnour SG Ellington S Johnson C Pectrovic

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Cayman is can't stay on the

Cayman is can't stay on the court, he's injury prone. When's the last time he played a full season without missing lots of time for injuries? I hate this trade as a Wolves fan.

If they want to do this why don't they just draft Kanter.

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