Trade Idea: LAL-OKC-Charlotte

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Trade Idea: LAL-OKC-Charlotte

LAL get Ben Gordon, H Thabeet, Perry Jones, Ryan Gnomes: OKCs picks (theirs and Dallas) and Charlottes pick from Portland.
OKC get Gasol, J Meeks, Nick Young, S Williams and Jeff Taylor.
Charlotte get Perkins, Sefolosha and Collison.

Before I get negged up, just let me explain for a second.
Lakers suck right now and I don't see them getting close to the playoffs. They wont tank when Kobe gets back because Kobe doesn't role like that (I would hope that he took the season off). It looks as if they want rid of Gasol so why not try to acquire some assets. Perry Jones has a lot of potential and having 3 late first round picks couldn't hurt either. The others are throw ins and they don't effect their cap for next year.
OKC want championships and I think Gasol could help. Losing Sefolosha and Collison will hurt but I think who they receive will help, especially with offence.
Charlotte are a playoff calibre team in the east (doesn't say much really) Adding experience and toughness can hep a lot.
Ok bring on the negs and please give feedback on what you think

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As a Lakers fan, I think this

As a Lakers fan, I think this would be great with the picks they would recieve. Now for OKC, while adding Gasol would be great to add to the starting linup for a championship run this season, and Meeks and Young would give them good back court depth and scoring off the bench, they would have no front court depth loosing Perkins, Collinson, and Perry. Also, I can't see Charlotte giving up a first rounder even if its a late round , to take on salary for role players that really wouldn't help them make enough a push for the playoffs. A 1st rounder and Gordon expiring contract should get more in return.

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Trade Idea: LAL-OKC-Charlotte

This would be a nice trade for the Lakers, but not sure it makes sense for the other teams as is. OKC is contending for a championship and it would be extremely risky to trade away that many rotation players with less than half a season left. It takes time to integrate new players into your system, and Collison, Sefalosha, and Perkins (though he's washed up) have been with them for a few years now. I like the idea of going for it when you have a shot, and I think a Gasol trade could make sense on a smaller scale, but this is just too much of a risk for them to take on when they are already the favorite in the West.

As for Charlotte, I don't understand what they are gaining out of this trade. The word is that they want to compete now and would be willing to trade a pick, but not for this. Those guys are not good enough to really improve that team in a significant way, and they would need more of an incentive to participate.

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