Trade Idea Den/Bos

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Trade Idea Den/Bos

Paul Pierce for Gallinari+Mozgov

why for denver: they are kind of in a win now mode, and they desperately need a go to guy in the clutch.

why for celtics: Gallinari fits with Rondo better as he is a very good in the full court, also gives them a good big in Mozgov.

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Why would Denver need another SF when they have Andre Iguodala? He's already a great defender and a do-it-all type of player. Heck, you could make a case that he's the 3rd best SF in the league.

Paul Pierce isn't leaving Boston. There would be riots in Boston if someone even suggested the idea of trading PP. Celtics are fine as they've already gotten younger with Avery Bradley instead of Ray, and the rookies.

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Jeff Green has kinda a

Jeff Green has kinda a similar game and size as Gallinari. That wouldn't work. I'm looking foward to Jeff playing this year. They must like Jeff giving him a contract for four years, even though he was out for the whole last season.

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Pierce doesn't fit in Denver

Pierce doesn't fit in Denver at all... they're young and they like to have young athletes who can run, he'd slow their tempo down a lot... plus he's Paul Pierce, he brought the first NBA title back to Boston in 23 seasons, nobody wants him outta town.

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why are people

posting these stupid trade offense to anybody but cmon now

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like everyone else said this

like everyone else said this is a bad trade on many levels bro.

1. the nuggets arent actually in "win mode" they're probobly the youngest team in the league (with alot of upside)

2. The nuggets upgraded this off season already by adding A.I so i dont see a need for PP

3. And lastly why would you give a player that has so much more room to grow for a player that most likely has one more contract in him before retiring and thats if he doesnt retire before that.

So you def deserve these negs.

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