Trade Idea (BOS,NOLA)

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Trade Idea (BOS,NOLA)

Gerald Wallace, 2015 first rounder(lottery protected) and Jared Sullinger or another piece for Eric Gordon

Both have the same amount of year left on their respective contracts with EJ earning more but being way younger.

Eric Gordon is a piece to help rebuild the Celtics around Rajon Rondo and Co.

NOLA gets their starting 3man while moving Tyreke Evans into the starting spot to see if he can justify his contract, while also receiving future compensation.

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Reke and Wallace running the

Reke and Wallace running the wings would provide absolutely no spacing for Davis. Every team would pack the paint on them.

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New Orleans is in win now

New Orleans is in win now mode, as crazy as that sounds. They wouldn't move Gordon for a lesser player or two just to stock draft picks down the road.

That is, unless the 1st rounder is for another trade. Maybe attach it to Ryan Anderson for a really solid center, but that's just another overpay like the one for Wallace.

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I hate pretty much all Eric

I hate pretty much all Eric Gordon trades. His stock doesn't exist. It's either too little, too much, or non-existent like this trade.

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