Trade Idea

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Trade Idea

Nuggets get- Kevin Martin, Chase Budinger, Jordan Hill, Jared Jeffries and 2 future 1st(NYK swap and Hou 2011 first)
Rockets get- Carmelo Anthony, JR Smith, and Chris Andersen


Rockets get- Jamal Crawford and Mike Bibby
Hawks get- JR Smith and Kyle Lowry

why?- Crawford would fit well in Houston, Bibby can back up Brooks play a Fisher type role. Atlanta gets a solid back up PG so Teague can start and Smith who fills the void left by Crawford who they wont extend


Rockets get- Jason Thompson
Kings get- Chuck Hayes and a 2014 1st

Rockets Depth Chart
PG- Aaron Brooks-Mike Bibby
SG- Courtney Lee-Jamal Crawford
SF- Carmelo Anthony-Shane Battier
PF- Luis Scola-Patrick Patterson
C- Yao Ming-Brad Miller or Jason Thompson

Remember Yao only will play 20-24minutes

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Nooo .

The kings need backcourt help . Why would they trade Thompson for an undersized big in Chuck Hayes . It's not enough in my opinion .

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That was an ambitious

That was an ambitious trade...All I can say about that is Kyle Lowry is better then Jeff Teague...He is just a better point guard.

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first two parts of the trade

first two parts of the trade add up well imo. But the third just blows. Thompson is better now and has more long term potential then hayes. The 2014 pick just seems too far away and probably wont be very good when it does come up.

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That second trade would never

That second trade would never work. Crawford and Bibby are just too valuable for just Smith and Lowry.

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