Trade Idea

Bob Ball
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Trade Idea

Eric Gordon for Luol Deng

Why the bulls do it : Deng maybe moved because his contract is expiring at the end of this season and the bulls are so cheap. He'll likey demand more money on the open market then they are willing to getting Gordon whos contract is longer but pays yearly somthing similiar to Dengs current contract seems smart. Also Gordon can create for himself somthing the Bulls desperatly need.

Why the Bulls say no : Gordons injury history is well noted. After the Rose injurys having a high priced and talented but fragile backcourt may not be what management wants.

Why the Pellies do it : Gordon has said all the right things recently but was once not thrilled to be in the Big Easy. Aside from that im not sold on Dru, Gordon and Evans. So by trading Deng for the Pellies add another defender whos a good shooter. Also a true Sf so Evans can slide into the Sg spot. Deng is a guy who can score and impact the game with out dominating the ball. Also with Gordons injury history scares me so if im the Pellies im selling high on him.

Why the Pellies say no : Dengs contract is exspiring so they may only be renting him until the end of this year. Maybe Bulls add a pick to sweeten the deal.

I tried this trade in the ESPN trade machine it works. According to the trade machine i added no wins to either team. Also how also would Rose and Gordon be together when healthy. Just like their AAU days what do you guys think??

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This Trade

Has to go down. I think I have seen it posted at least a dozen times. Seriously, I think the Bulls do move Deng, but it will be closer to the deadline and most likely to a team in the West that could rent him for the playoff run. The only way a non-contender trades for Deng is a straight up salary dump for the summer of 2014.

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do the bulls

Yes, we understand it makes sense for on the court,

but does Chicago want to pay max contracts to Gordon and Rose. Two guys whose health is extremely uncertain for their futures.

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I brought this trade idea up

I brought this trade idea up a few days ago.

I think it's a great trade that helps both teams tremendously.

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This trade idea seems to be

This trade idea seems to be brought up at least every couple of weeks. If Gordon is healthy it's a good trade for both sides. If the Bulls don't believe Gordon can stay healthy then they obviously need to stay away because having two star players often injured isn't good for anyone.

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I can't be the only person

I can't be the only person who thinks Chicago deserves a draft pick along with Gordon

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The Bulls shouldn't have to

The Bulls shouldn't have to include a pick if they make that trade. They're taking on an extra year or two of major salary. You can get an acceptable shooting guard for a third of Gordan's price over the summer.

This season's lost, no need for Chicago to make this trade unless New Orleans spices it up with a draft pick.

On New Orleans' side though, I really like it. Deng doesn't need to dominate the ball to score and is a very nice defender, something they desperately need. Overall, it's a great fit.

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Lmao to this trade. You know

Lmao to this trade. You know Gar Forman would have "that booty had me like" face if he was offered this trade.

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