Trade Idea

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Trade Idea

Now, I'm not usually one to post trade ideas, I'm usually one to shoot them down. This one seriously makes sense for both teams though.

Bulls trade
Luol Deng

Pelicans trade
Eric Gordon

The Bulls get a scorer that they've wanted for years and move Jimmy Butler to the SF spot. They also get younger and extend the life of this Bulls roster, opening up a move for Boozer.

The Pelicans get a true SF and can slide Evans down to the starting SG spot, where he's comfortable. They also get a veteran defensive wing that can show the younger guys what it takes to win. Not only that, but the Pelicans now have three All-Stars in their line-up (assuming Davis makes it this year, pretty much a lock)

Joakim Noah
Carlos Boozer (unless he's traded/amnestied)
Jimmy Butler
Eric Gordon
Derrick Rose

Anthony Davis
Ryan Anderson
Luol Deng
Tyreke Evans
Jrue Holiday

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The bulls are certainly about

The bulls are certainly about to blow it up. It's a real shame with that happen to rosé. I feel for him. But in all reality this could be a good thing. That team wasnt going to win anything with that roster in today's MBA. They need another super star. TANK TANK TANK. Please this draft anything in the top 5 is worth it. It would be nice to see rose play along side another superstar like Jabari. THE BULLS DO NOT WANT TO MAKE THE PLAYOFFS THIS YEAR. If they want to stay mediocre then go ahead.

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This trade has been talked

This trade has been talked about FOREVER. It's one that will help both teams and every one scratches their head as to why it hasn't happened yet and why it won't happen.

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Its not as good as Granger -

Its not as good as Granger - Gordon, but this makes sense. Dunno if Bulls wanna take on longer term money though.

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Oofta. I forgot those

Oofta. I forgot those salaries match.

Gordon's contract extends an extra year or two though, depending if he takes his player option. That just might be enough to scare Chicago away, especially if they don't want to be in the luxury tax for yet another year.

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That's a lot of backcourt

That's a lot of backcourt health concerns

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Weird, TOL I just actually

Weird, TOL I just actually read an article which proposed the same trade

It does make some sense for both teams but although Gordon is 4 years younger than Deng he has been less than impressive this season (15.2 PPG, 39.6 FG% and hasn't hit the 20 point mark in his last 10 games) and has durability concerns of his own.

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Too little. Gordon could be a

Too little. Gordon could be a top five shooting guard in two years while Deng could be a broken down 31 year old with little ball skills on 12 mil a year. New Orleans needs to just keep Gordon for the long haul.

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If Boozer could be dealt in

If Boozer could be dealt in the deal to a third team, I would like the trade more. It's no way the Bulls enter 2014 paying Boozer and Gordon 30 million combined and then paying Rose 18 and Noah 12, Gibson 8. Thats around 68 million itself.

Right now Deng is making 14.5 and I think he will get a contract similar to Iggy's in the 4 year 48 range, either from the Bulls or someone else. That dip to 12 million a year would give the Bulls a big saving of 3 million over the next year as compared to Gordon making 15 million next year. The Bulls are cheap and will not amnesty Boozer in my opinion.

I like the trade though and always wondered what Rose would look like next to an above average NBA shooting guard. But with their shared injury history that may not happen even if Rose and Gordon played on the same team.

I am pretty sure ownership would like to have the insurance money to pay its share of the 30 million plus those guys make next year though. I personally believe Phoenix valued the 14 million (minus deductible) they don't have to pay Okafor as much as the protected first they got from the Wizard's.

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The Bulls

Unfortunately, the Bulls will make the playoffs in the East. That division is really, really bad and Thibs won't let them fall out of the playoffs.

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D-Rose and E-Gordon

Derrick Rose and Eric Gordon played basketball together in high school. I'm not sure how they played together, but Rose might like to have a friend on his team. Also, if the Bulls could throw Boozer in there, it could help both teams. (only if the Pelicans are going for the playoffs)

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