Trade Idea
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Trade Idea

Kings receive: Rondo (11mil and Wallace (10 mil)
If Cousins and Rondo could truly connect, they would become a dangerous pick-and-roll tandem like KG and Rondo were a few years ago. Rondo would also find Ben McLemore, much like he did with Ray Allen. In order to take this trade, the Kings trade one terrible contract (Salmons) for a worse one (Wallace). Wallace actually does fit with the other players on the Kings roster, because he doesn't want to touch the ball on offense and is fully content to play defense.

Celtics receive: Evans (sign and trade for 8-10 mil), Fredette (2 mil), Salmons (8 mil)
Rondo is probably the most miserable player in the NBA right now. I doubt he wants to stay in Boston. Going to Kings puts him further along in the rebuilding process with a new and reinvigorated Kings organization. Playing next to McLemore and Cousins has got to be more interesting than playing next to Green and Sullinger. In this trade, the Celtics get Tyreke Evans, a player who they have been rumored to want for some time. Evans can develop into a first rate do-it-all distributor (ala Andre Igoudala). He is younger than Rondo and might do very well with a change of scenery into a first class organization. The Celtics also get Fredette to run some point guard and move Terrance Williams and Avery Bradley to off-guard. Salmons is a bad contract, but he has one less year and 2 million less dollars than Gerald Wallace. He might even start in the void left by Paul Pierce, depending on where they play Jeff Green.

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I think the Celtics would

I think the Celtics would prefer to rebuild around Rondo instead of Evans although they have been rumoured to be interested so I could see it happening.

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if only that really happened...

I would love to see that go through.

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Boston would demand a first

Boston would demand a first round pick(s) from Sacramento if this happened.

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Who's the Celtics' point guard? And don't say Bradley, please.

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Reke is a natural lead guard,

Reke is a natural lead guard, and they can have Bradley guard PG's on defence while Ty guards the SG's. Jimmer can play back up point.

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