Trade idea

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Trade idea

I've heard about a trade from espn which involved Rudy Gay for Monta Ellis, and possible some fillers. I personally think this is a really good trade for both teams, I was wondering what you guys might think about this deal?

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Would be pointless on the

Would be pointless on the Grizz behalf. You give up a legit 3-man in Gay for a guy that will just fill up the statsheet every night, which is what Gay can do as well. The defense is also there with Ellis, but I think it would be taking a step backwards. Try to package Mayo if you want to bring Ellis in, there is no reason to keep him at all. Shane Battier would be the only SF on the roster if the Gay trade were to go down.

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would be a great trade for GS

would be a great trade for GS if they pulled it off, it leaves a bit hole for the grizzles at SF however. I dont see them doing it.

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that would leave memphis with

that would leave memphis with 4 undersized shooting guards (monta ellis, tony allen, oj mayo, josh selby) and only 1 small forward (sam young), where would xavier henry fit in this situation?

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They'll trade gay, but not for tay.

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that trade is gay..... (pun

that trade is gay..... (pun intended)

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Your moms are gay

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