Trade Idea

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Trade Idea

Chicago Bulls trade- Ronnie Brewer, Omer Asik and 2011 1st Round Draft Pick

Portland TrailBlazers trade- Wes Matthews

Bulls then draft Nolan Smith and sign Nenad Krstic

Line Up

Starting 5

Derrick Rose and Wes Matthews at Guards

Luol Deng-Carlos Boozer-Joakim Noah up front

Key Bench Players- Korver, Bogans, Gibson, Krstic and Smith

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I dont think the blazers will

I dont think the blazers will trade matthews, especially since roy knees are a problem, and matthews stepped up in the playoffs. Also the bulls are high on Asik, and to me Krstic is soft.

I would really love to see the bulls draft Marshon Brooks, I think he would be a good fit for them

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blazers aren't going to move

blazers aren't going to move matthews, hes a building block and they just inked him to a 5 year deal

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Only a Bulls fan...

I mean seriously. Why would the Blazers trade their best wing for a 7 footer that will never be anything other than a fourth big man, a SG who can't really shoot and a first round pick that will be in the 30's. I mean I've seen some whoppers on these boards but this one might be the most biased/homer trade I've ever seen.

I mean I would love to see the Hawks move Marvin Williams, Zaza Paculia and Kirk Hinrich to the Lakers for Bynum and Steve Blake but that ain't gonna happen.

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