trade idea

The clippers get gerald Wallace and Nazr and get Kaman, Ryan Gomes and cash considerations.


PG: Bledsoe (Davis)

SG: Gordon (Butler)

SF: Wallace (Aminu)

PF: Griffin (Smith)

C: Jordan (Nazr)


PG: Agustine (Livingston)

SG: Jackson (Carrol)

SF: Gomes (McGuire)

PF: Diaw (Thomas)

C: Kaman (Brown)

This makes both teams better the clippers get a hard worker SF and a good backup center that helps Jordan to keep developing. On the other hand the Bobcats get a solid starting center in Kaman and a role player in gomes.

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whats everyone think of this trade?

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This has to be 1 of the BEST trades I have seen on the trade machine. Aside from us taking Eddy Curry because he will never play again I like every move. I highly doubt New York would give Gallo up just because how he showed his a** on the Heat.

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