Trade Idea

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Trade Idea

Hawks get: Carmelo Anthony, Nene and JR Smith

Nuggets get: Al Horford, Marvin Williams, Jordan Crawford and Jamal Crawford plus 2 future 1st round picks













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It's a good deal but unlikely

It's a good deal but unlikely and not a smart deal for Atlanta because 9/10 Carmelo wouldn't resign in Atlanta.

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IDK about Melo to ATL but Ive

IDK about Melo to ATL but Ive been saying Billups to ATL when Denver decides to clean house.

Either two things will happen to ATL this year: Theyll continue to play same brokea$$ offense theyve been playing the last 2 years with crawford or johnson in isos everytime which I doubt happens under Drew
Theyll actually run a decent offense and they do have some solid playmakers and scorers but I dont see a team with Teague and Bibby at the point doing much in the playoffs. Billups would be a great fit with johnson as a big physical backcourt.
Everything would depend on the package they would get for Melo. I doubt they would take Marvin's contract for Billups either. Maybe they could get Crawfords expiring deal and a pick

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Like the idea

But just like BB said, Melo and JJ won't go very far in the playoffs with out a point guard. The might get out of the first round depending on the match up but thats it. And if they are giving up Marvin Williams and Al Horford, they are not going to give up two future first rounders, even with Williams over paid salary. he is still only 23-24 years old. and he would be much more productive in a real offense. not his fault that the former coach just let the players run iso after iso.

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billups would be a great fit

chauncey would be a great pick up for the hawks or would they trade marvin w for billups wiht denver looking to rebuild marvin w wouldnt be a a bad peace imo think hed be much better in a differnt ssystem as mentioned in a previous post

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Wow I came up with almost

Wow I came up with almost this exact same trade about a week ago, except mine is a 3-team deal with Cleveland. This trade is only IF ATL can't come to terms with Horford on an extension. Its been said that Varejao is one of the players they see as that "veteran asset" they want in return for any Melo trade. Plus they get a young stud in Horford, and he could actually play his natural PF position with Denver next to Varejao. They'd then have the option to either trade K-Mart or keep his contract and have BIG money coming off the books next summer(K-Mart, Crawford, J.R.) and you can possibly add Billups to that list if they want to move forward with Lawson as the guy and rebuild young.

Atlanta getting Melo to be their 1st option, and letting Joe play 2nd fiddle to him and be more of an all-around player rather than trying to break his guy down 1-on-1 every play. Nene is also a much better fit at the C position for them than Horford is. He's not as good of a rebounder, but he's taller, longer, and is a better post scorer.

Cleveland desperately needs a starting caliber SF after LBJ left town...I don't think Varejao will be much of an offensive presence w/o LeBron dropping dimes to him for easy layups, so moving him and getting Marvin in return isn't really a drop off. Zaza would give them size and depth at the Center position and losing Boobie won't hurt since Mo & Sessions are gonna get all the PG minutes anyway.

DEN gets: Horford, Varejao, Jamal Crawford, a future 1st from ATL

ATL gets: Melo, Nene, Daniel Gibson

CLE gets: Marvin Williams, Zaza Pachulia

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