Trade for Howard that could be done by the end of the day

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Trade for Howard that could be done by the end of the day

Clips send Griffin and Jordan


Magic for D Howard

Clips starting 5. Cp3,Billups,Butler,LO and Howard

Magic get a new PF and C combo plus then could sign and trade Anderson for picks or players being that Blake will take the mins at PF spot.

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What are you smoking ?? Cali Kush

It will never happen Dwight Howard is not worth those two peices ...

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That's great but do you have

That's great but do you have a link that says that these teams are even discussing a deal or is this just your fantasy?

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Orlando would be pretty damn good with that team.

Blake and Jordan up front with Ryan Anderson at the 3 perhaps. Then Big Baby off the bench.

I think the Magic should also ask for Bledsoe as a young scoring combo guard. Then Travis Leslie as a defensive athlete at the 2 guard spot. I would also consider taking back Ryan Gomes if the Clippers would take Q Richardson and Duhon, two veterans who make over $5.5 million combined and our probably a bit too old than what the Magic need. However, both guys would be solid for the Clippers. Ryan Gomes makes $4 million but he only has two years left on his deal and can play some 3 and 4 off the bench for a reloaded Magic team.

Then the Magic could amnesty Hedo which would give them more financial flexibility going forward. Or trade him to a contender or somewhere else.

Next up would be to sign a cheaper backup point guard. A million bucks or so could go along way depending on how the free agent market shakes out. I think they need someone a bit younger than Chris Duhon. Scott Machado might work as an undrafted rookie free agent.

link to trade:

New Magic Starters:

PG Jameer Nelson

SG JJ Reddick

SF Ryan Anderson

PF Blake Griffin

C DeAndre Jordan


PG Eric Bledsoe

SG Jason Richardson

SF Ryan Gomes

PF Andrew Nicholson

C Big Baby Davis


PG Cheap free agent point guard

SG Travis Leslie

SF DeAndre Liggins

PF Earl Clark

C Daniel Orton

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Yes it would be great for the

Yes it would be great for the Magic...The problem is 1) Clippers would never do this. 2) Hedo can't be amnestied. They already used their amnesty on Gilbert Arenas last year.

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This would be crazy and

This would be crazy and stupid. Griffin is the face of the Clippers right now and dealing him would be a giant mistake! CP3 is not a reliable superstar in the sense you have no idea what his feelings are about being on a team. IMO keep the Clippers the way they are, they will develop in the next two years into Western Conference Finals participants and everybody in LA will be happy. Also, why would anyone want to take Dwight Howard right now? He is hurting the Orlando organization everyday and all they've done is try to help him, he's a giant kid.

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Howard is probably better

Howard is probably better than Griffin and Jordan put together, but there's no way I'd make this trade due to the fact Howard's back injury just scares me... Especially considering his style of play and the pounding he takes.

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What part of "Howard wants to

What part of "Howard wants to go to the Nets, and will only SETTLE for the Nets." don't you understand??

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