Trade (Hawks/Kings)

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Trade (Hawks/Kings)

When I watch the Atlanta Hawks, the only thing they really miss is a defensive minded centre (which Horford (pf) clearly isn't).

Is a Marvin Williams/Jamal Crawford for Samuel Dalembert a good trade?

Jamal wants to get out of there (no way Atlanta will give an extension) and Jordan Crawford is his natural replacement. Horford could slide to the 4 spot (or 6th man) and Josh Smith could slide to the 3 (altough he is better as a 4).

Trade away C they don't need (they have Cousins) and receive a promising 3 in Williams and an expiring contract in Jamal (who is also useable for them this season as a shooter next to Tyreke).

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That actually sound good for

That actually sound good for all concerned; no way Horford would be 6th man, he's the all-star remember? Agreed that a defensive big is lacking from Atlanta and Marvin Williams would be better off in Sac-town than Atlanta.

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Hawks should just start over!

I am not a die hard Hawks fan, but I've been living in Atlants for the past 10 years and I'm sick of defending them. Just face it, we cannot compete with this team and the team has new future. The player I think we need to move, and needs to move to better his career, is Josh Smith. Talented player, but a head case. Plus, he's from Atlanta and you know you cannot have a head case playing in the city he is from. Again we need to rebuild, so a trade I possibly could see happening is moving Josh Smith to Memphis for Conley and Thabeet. Probably not fair, but so what? Memphis should be interested because they do not want to extend Zack Randolph (who wants P. Gasol money) and has an expiring contract. Smith will be a great addition to that team because of his athleticism and defence. They want to move Mayo to point, so an eventual line-up of Mayo-Henry-Gay-Smith-Gasol will be pretty darn good. Smith also adds the post defense that Zach Randolph doesn't. Memphis can then move Randolph expiring contract and add deoth to its bench. Atlanta then will bring in a pg, Conley, who also has an expiring contract, so he can be evaluated this season to see if he has a future. thabeet also MAYBE can turn into that rebounding/post defending center some people saw him as. If either or both of them fail to reach thier potential, oh well, we will begin to rebuild anyway. We'll then have to try and move Joe contract. Will be hard to do, but lets say the Pacers?? Bird needs to win now and the Pacers true weakness is at SG. Move Joe for expiring contracts and Paul George (BEAST!!)???

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