Trade Deadline

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Trade Deadline

This is actually a Fantasy Basketball trade question but our league deadline is coming up on the 24th and a couple of deals have been thrown at me and I am looking for some opinions on them. I feel I can get good honest feedback from you guys. Here is what I have...

I am in a dynasty league and have been offered D. Harris/Ed Davis/2011 1st rd pick (if draft was today it would be 7th overall) for B. Jennings/G. Wallace.

This is my current roster... (we start 3 G's/3 F's/1 C/1 flex

G's- B. Jennings/S. Curry/J. Wall/R. Fernandez/W. Bynum/J. Teague/D. Jones (Mavs)/J. Taylor

F's- G. Wallace/B. Griffin/R. Anderson/J. Thompson/T. Williams/D. James/P. Patterson/E. Udoh

C's- K. Love/H. Whiteside

Do you think Harris has as much value as Jennings?

Who would you compare Davis upside to?

I also think I can get R. Stuckey in this deal but I know I will probably have to give up the draft pick and might have to give a future draft pick probably the 2012 1st rd pick to get him included. Do you think that would be worth asking for?

I have also been offered T. Parker/D. Cousins for B. Jennings/G. Wallace

Do you think that is the better deal or the Harris/Davis deal?

Should I do either deal or just stay put? Right now I am leading the division by 5 games. This is also a head-to-head league.

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I would take the cousins trade.

That dude is going to be an animal.

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