Trade the Bulls should make?

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Trade the Bulls should make?

I think if the Bulls truly want to become title contenders, they should offer Derrick Rose to the Lakers for Kobe Bryant. Neither team would probably consider this, but I think it makes a lot of sense for both teams. I trust Kobe to come back a lot stronger from his injury, in the short term, than I trust Derrick. Kobe is clearly on his last legs and has no hope for winning a title in the next 2 years with the Lakers. The Lakers have nothing to lose and could potentially end up with a great, still only 25 year old PG if Rose fully recovers from his injuries. The Bulls would greatly improve their chances of winning a title in the next 2 years and if they don't, then they would have great cap flexibility when Kobe's contract expires in 2 years. Of course the Bulls would have to backfill their PG position, but that is the easiest position to find a serviceable player. What do you guys think?

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