I see the knicks should trade eddie curry,Harrington and larry hughes for draft pick and should acquire amare stoudmaire,resign robinson and lee then trade for a good power forward such as shawn marion elton brand so it will be
Center amare stoudamaire
Power Forward shawn marion
Small Forward wilson chandler
Shooting Gaurd dwayne wade
Point Gaurd stephen curry

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Shawn Marion is over the

Shawn Marion is over the hill. We will sign Amare next year. Let Nate go. Nobody wants Curry.

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this year

You can't count on dwayne wade and amare signing with the knicks next year, theres to much time inbetween. Let Robinson go, sign Lee( he will sign with the knicks for a discount, and he looks like he has an all-star future). draft a pointguard like Flynn, not curry who will be J.J. Reddick. And find someone who will take curry's and Jefferies contracts so we will have Flynn, Chandler, Gallinari, and Lee on the roster with enough space for a big star or two like Lebron, Bosh, or Amare, and maybe an older veteran like Steve Nash

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Why would u want a power

Why would u want a power forward if you have Lee and Amare here you can always draft a back up pf. Didn't Wade say he wasn't leaving Miami he seems like he doesn't like the media in NY. I'm sure someone will take Jeffries, if Curry gets in shape teams probably go after in a year. I wouldn't want Amare always injured, plays very lil defense and without Nash who knows what he can really do.

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nba live...

i don´t like curry at the point so i would replace him with someone else.

we will be able to get amare and although marion has had his best times i still like him and he could help but i see this development more as an nba live scenario. it won´t happen in the real world. i´m sure d-wade isn´t coming the rest possible but unlikely to happen like this...

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