Tracy McGrady strongly interested in Lakers

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It all comes down to Jackson

It all comes down to Jackson really. Not sure if another Lakers coach could handle all those egos. T-Mac has said he will be an All-Star again, so I'm not sure how sincere he would be about coming off the bench and being a role player. I can see him coming to Boston if Rivers remains and they lose Allen. Allen likely has more market value so the Celtics could save money and T-Mac's outside shooting would be a welcome replacement. Like Jackson, Rivers is able to manage egos. Given that the Celtics don't care much about the regular season T-Mac could be given as many minutes as he wants while Rivers keeps the others healthy for the playoffs. A move like this could land Boston in the Finals again next June barring a major free agent team-up in the East.

Whatever happens, I hope he finds his feet next season and avoids another major injury.

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clippers, bulls, lakers, heat.... but that could change by the morning... lol.. this is the NBA about 2 hours ago via web

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Fisher - 24mpg Bryant -

Fisher - 24mpg
Bryant - 37mpg
Artest - 31mpg
Gasol - 37mpg
Bynum - 30mpg
Odom - 30mpg
McGrady - 28mpg
Blake - 12mpg
Vujacic - 6mpg
Powell - 5mpg
Walton - Scrub Minutes
Mbenga - Scrub Minutes
Morrison - Scrub Minutes

Walton, Mbenga, and Morrison play in garbage time. It all matches up to 240minutes which is the exact amount needed.

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I would take Ebanks and

I would take Ebanks and Caracter over Mbenga and Morrison

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Yeah, get Morrison out of

Yeah, get Morrison out of there finally!!!

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Didn't the Lakers already use

Didn't the Lakers already use their mid level exception on Steve Blake?

How could they possibly sign anymore players? Even with Morrison and Farmar's contracts coming off the books, they still have the highest payroll in the NBA by far.

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McGrady is a low risk/high

McGrady is a low risk/high reward...he's never been a bad character guy and he has some left in the tank (i think...) He is without a doubt an upgrade over walton and morrison and brings length and experience to that squad

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