Tracy McGrady Finalizing Deal to Play in China

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Tracy McGrady Finalizing Deal to Play in China

Tracy McGrady is not set to play in china for the 2012-2013 season. Sad to see one of the best scorers in his prime out of the league. If only injuries didn't rob his elite athleticism.

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He had an excellent career

He had an excellent career and it is sad to see one of my favorite players leaving the league. Hopefully he is able to make a return, but its looking like his career is coming to an end.

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at 1 point alot of folks thought he was betta den kobe

Im gunna miss tmac


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It's hard to argue that Tracy McGrady wasn't one of top players of the of the 2000-2010 decade.

Specifically between the '01-'02 and '06-'07 seasons, he was certainly one of the better players in the NBA.

The main argument against him is his lack of accomplishments, both team and individual. I could be wrong, but off the top of my head I don't think any of his teams even made it out of the 1st round. It's rare to find an elite player who hasn't made it past round 1 of the playoffs.

That being said, he did have a good career and I will (do) miss McGrady in his prime.

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According to a radio

According to a radio interview I heard Troy Jackson, aka Escalade ,aka Mark Jackson's brother ( RIP) , He said that T- MAC and Vince had ALL the same tools as Kobe. However they couldnt match his determination, Kobe would be the first one at the court and would practice by himself ALL NIGHT LONG. He threw out a bunch of cool names that used to play on the off season together,it would have been cool to see those pick up games!

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Yeah I remember when they

Yeah I remember when they were all in their prime that a lot of people desperately wanted to peg one of those guys as the next MJ. Once upon a time T-Mac and Vince were on a similar (but not the same) level as Kobe. Sadly that time feels forever ago to me.

As a kid I tried to shoot that scissor-legged jumpshot T-Mac could do so well. As a result, my coach despised it and I didn't start on my seventh grade basketball team (not like anyone's surprised, but still).

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That generation that really

That generation that really started to follow NBA in late 90s/early2000 is losing all of their favourite players :(
AI,VC is old,T-Mac out of league..

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Hope he can do well over

Hope he can do well over there, he must love the sport as surely he doesn't need to play on for the money. I know he lost his athleticism but he seemed to go from an elite scorer to a guy who could play 20 mpg and not get a point on the board on occasions. Wasn't he getting the shots or was his game purely built on athlecism so he could not fall back onto say his basketball IQ like a post injury Grant Hill has or how Ray Allen uses his experience to read the game. To me T-Mac was always a good reader of the game and would make plays but post injury his scoring just went.

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