Tracy McGrady back in the NBA!

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Tracy McGrady back in the NBA!

The San Antonio Spurs have signed seven-time All-Star guard Tracy McGrady for the rest of the season, the team announced Tuesday. McGrady last played in the NBA for the Atlanta Hawks during the 2011-12 season. He played in China this season.

The Spurs recently waived forward Stephen Jackson, creating an open roster spot. McGrady, who was once one of the most dangerous scorers in the NBA, is expected to fill Jackson's minutes and provide scoring if Manu Ginobili does not return by the start of the playoffs.

McGrady, 33, played the prime of his career with the Orlando Magic and Houston Rockets. He led the league in scoring two years in a row, averaging 32.1 points a game in 2002-03 and 28 points a game the following year.

McGrady averaged 5.3 points, 3.0 rebounds and 2.1 assists a game last season with the Hawks.

Because he was not on a playoff roster after the March 1 buyout deadline, McGrady is eligible to play for the Spurs in the postseason. He has appeared in the playoffs eight times — once with the Toronto Raptors, three times each with the Magic and Rockets, and once with the Hawks — but has never advanced past the first round.

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how would his role be? with

how would his role be? with that time can he manage to adjust to the team's system?, im a spurs fan and i'm excited with these, they get one of the clutch player!

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TMAC is Back!!!!!!

Very happy McGrady is back in the league and with a great organization. I dont see him having much of an impact because of the very limited role he's going to have. All in all glad to see my favorite player back in the NBA.

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this yr will likely be the

this yr will likely be the first time he gets out the first round ...

European Basket...
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These were his stats in the

These were his stats in the Chinese League:

49.6 Field Goal %
33.3 3 Point Field Goal %
72.2 Free Throw %

25.0 Points Per Game
7.2 Rebounds Per Game
5.1 Assists Per Game

1.6 Steals Per Game
0.6 Blocks Per Game

2.8 Turnovers Per Game

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Don't be so sure.

If Parker and Duncan are not at 100%, I wouldn't be surprised if the Rockets pull off an upset.

I am glad to see T-Mac back though!

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For about 30 seconds, I

For about 30 seconds, I imagined myself in an imaginary universe, where T-Mac's knees and back aren't shot like our world's economy, Tony Parker's ankle isn't like my ceramics grade, Kobe's achilles injury was just a bad dream, and Iverson didn't get run out of the NBA like a homeless guy in an elementary school. In that world, the Spurs sweep EVERYONE(even the Heat) and win the championship.

Now the odds that Kobe lent his "goods" to T-Mac and he has now turned the clock back 10 years are about the chances that Manu finally covers his bald spot. In other words it's not happening. But you know that's what I'm rooting for.

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