toying with the lineups

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toying with the lineups

Those of you who know me know I've been a Wade fan for a while. Hear me out. I'm a bit sick of seeing the heat not play some of the key players that could help. I'm tired of seeing three or four of their players near the 3pt line and just standing. I'm sick of seeing how inconsistant their defense has been since game 1.

So it's made me wonder about toying with the starting lineup. Would inserting chalmers into the starting lineup help the heat?

I think it would because Wade will likely not be 100% in game 6 and I think Lebron has finally had a mental lapse. I think he can only recover it from by winning. If Chalmers got hot early in the game, it could help the heat earn a big lead. Also, chalmers plays defense more effectively than Bibby. Sometimes, Chalmers can make a good play for the heat. His spot up shooting ability could help the heat as wade or lebron slash and make that key pass. I'm not knocking on Bibby, I just feel he would be a great addition off the bench.

I'm kind of irritated in not seeing jones play this series. He could help the heat the same way bibby/chalmers/house do.

And I've been irritated that Lebron doesn't drive consistantly. The way you break down the zone defense is by bringing in consistant shooters and making that key pass. PLEASE...for god's up the paint by hitting those shots!

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Chalmers plays more minutes

Chalmers plays more minutes than Bibby anyways. Just like the Mavs starting Stevenson. He was a starter but the only reason he started was to throw him at the other teams star player. He usually played like 9min and then didn't return to the game.

The reason Jones isn't playing is because he is a worse version of Miller. Miller shoots the the ball, maybe a little worse, but he rebounds like a beast, makes hustle plays and defends.

The reason the Heat's offense is so stagnant is because they've played 1 year together. Maybe like 2 months with Miller and Haslem in the line-up. It takes time. IT TAKES TIME. More than a few months. Their offense looks the same way when I play 2k11. Mostly isolations and multiple Pick'n rolls. They forced themselves to the finals with pure talent a lot of injury problems and their bench is virtually nothing.

Just look at Chalmers. I like him as a player and I think he could turn into a average starting PG on this team a 3&D player, if he keeps working on his shot.

But let's be real. Right now, this kid would not play on any other playoff team, probably. His three is falling a lot better than usual, don't overrate him. He would not play a single minute for most playoff teams. Same for Juwan Howard.

Their offense, chemistry and poor bench players and weak center and PG positions were the reason I thought befroe the season started that a healthy Boston with Perk and LA were still better teams than they were. They proved me wrong.

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