Toss up

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Toss up

Who do you guys see having the better pro career, Tiny Gallon or Dexter Pittman? I think Pittman will contribute more immediately, but in a couple years, Gallon will take off.

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I'm waiting for the "Steven

I'm waiting for the "Steven Pledger has lottery talent" post. Don't let me down catoosa.

In all seriousness, Gallon will be a little better. Pittman will contribute to warming the bench.

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Pittman will contribute

Pittman will contribute immediately? He's on the Heat you know. He probably isn't even getting playing time his first two years, right now he's sitting behind Bosh, Haslem, Anthony, Magloire, Big Z, and Howard. There isn't any team that will go beyond a 6 man front court rotation. Neither I project to have any higher upside than being a role player. Gallon though has the bigger chance to succeed and get a little playing time. As far as players Pittman obviously has the size advantage. He's a huge guy with soft hands and ok post moves. He really though isn't a great rebounder despite his size and he firstly needs to get to a weight in which he doesn't get fatigued so quickly. Gallon has a lot of redeemable skills but his approach to the game is wrong. Despite having a huge body and some pretty good post moves he just loves floating on the perimeter and chucking up 3's. It's sad because he is a very underrated passer and shot blocker. I hope he can put things together at this level. If you were to ask me pre summer league who would be better Caracter or Gallon, I'd tell you Gallon. At this point though I have to go Caracter. Caracter understand his skills and uses them in an efficient manner. Gallon has a bunch of skills but just does his own thing.

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When I was reading your

When I was reading your question, I read it in the voice of the PTI guy that does toss up. My simple mind really got amused by this, and it distracted me from answering the question...

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