Toronto Raptors GM Search

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Toronto Raptors GM Search

According to many sources, The Nuggets have no intentions of making any counter offers to retain their current GM Masai Ujiri. The Raptors have made an offer double-triple as much as Denver's best offer in terms of money. Now as a Raptors' fan, I would love to see Masai as the Raptors' GM as he's familiar with the franchise (assistant gm with raptors) and his accolades speak for themselves (2013 NBA Executive of the Year).

I hope if negotiations go smoothly and he's the new GM his first task is getting rid of Andrea aka Primo Pasta... ASAP.


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Sigh.. Wish my Nuggets

Sigh.. Wish my Nuggets weren't losing him, Congrats Raptors fans at least..

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i like the choice, i think he

i like the choice, i think he did great in the melo trade (dont often see fair value in return for a star who wants out) and if it wasnt for late season injuries, the nuggets mightve made a deeper run

he's got a tough job to take over tho. rudy is way overpaid and bargnani has completely fallen apart while also having a big contract, no draft pick this year, no cap space, and i personally dont think lowry is the answer at pg. he does have 2 nice young players in jonas and ross but its difficult for ross to find time.

i was talking about it with a friend and we came to the conclusion that he probably wont be able to do much this year so he should leave the team as is and see if they can compete. milwaukee, boston, atlanta are 3 teams that could be taking serious steps back if their free agents leave or stars retire so there is room. after next year, ujiri could have a good idea of what these players bring and then lowry will be off the books, bargani and rudy only one year left on contracts (with rudys being a player option), and a stacked 2014 draft

what do you guys think he should do? especially for raps fans who actually get to watch most games

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I'm just hoping Dallas fails

I'm just hoping Dallas fails to sign any big name FA's. Obviously they have cleared up room to sign Paul, and Howard but if all that fails is Rudy Gay just as appealing as Jodh Smith, Big Al, Paul Millsap, and Andre Igoudala. I think so. At this point I would be happy if the Raps traded Gay for Crowder and Schroeder, amnestied Bargnani, and started competing for Wiggins. Maybe I've lost faith in the current Raps or maybe I'm caught up in the hype but that's exactly what I would try for.

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