Toronto Raptors

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Toronto Raptors

This team is looking like they could possibly grab a playoff spot, Bayless is playing great, Pejas doing well, lookslike the trade will hemp them out.

Do you think theres any chance they get the eighth seed?

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Personally id rather do

Personally id rather do terrible and grab the first second or third pick in the darft, But id still be happy if they squeezed into the playoffs, which is possible.

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Toronto Raptors

Jerryd Bayless played solid today! 13 pts 2 reb 2 ast in 14 minutes and Peja dropped 7 pts in 6 minutes. I really want them to get a high pick top 1-3 for sure. Maybe they'll pull a Chicago Bulls when they got Derrick Rose haha, almost make the playoffs but then win the lottery with a 1.2% chance i believe.

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I'm with Matrix. I'd rather

I'm with Matrix. I'd rather Kyrie Irving than getting a thrashing in 1st round.

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The Raptors winning isn't

The Raptors winning isn't making their fans happy. Basically every Raptors fan I know wants them to tank.

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Unless a team really tanks

Unless a team really tanks and is likely to be in the top 5 of the Lottery or maybe does a Chicago and gets the top pick from around 9th in the draft lottery then making the play offs is probably better than being 11th to 14th in the draft. With the pick from Miami which may not be as low as was one thought, Toronto would have nice flexability in the draft but a very good young PG like Irving would be appealing unless Bayliss really steps up this year.

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